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Spanking the Psychic

Author(s): Nicole L. Pierce

Famous Psychic Miracle Swanson can read everyone’s aura but her own.

When Blake walks into Miracle Swanson's office she is shocked and aroused, but saddened. Blake’s son had died in a car accident and he blames himself. When he walks out on their session, Miracle chases him and begs him for a sexual encounter. He turns her down at first, not wanting to indulge in pleasures since his son’s death. When he gets into a mysterious accident, Miracle goes to his house, against his will, to nurse him back to health. He gives in to his strange and wild attraction to her, teaching her all about sex…including kink.

But somebody wants him dead and Miracle needs to use her powers to solve the mystery. Blake thinks it could be his ex-wife who blames him for Riley’s death as much as he blames himself. But Miracle doesn’t think so. She is feeling a dark and dangerous stranger. As Blake slowly comes to believe in the afterlife and sees and hears his son, he is ready to move on with his love. But will a force beyond their control stop them from ever being together?




"Stop!" He stood up, his face completely drained of color, his shoulders drooping. For a moment he looked completely defeated then suddenly he stood up tall and clenched his fists. "I shouldn't have come here. Damn stupid hoax of a woman! You probably searched my name on the internet and read about me." Angrily, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a wad of money and threw it at her. "Here! Keep the tip, you witch. I'm leaving." He turned and strode out of her office.

Miracle shut her eyes long enough to bring herself out of her trance then got up and ran after him. Nothing could have stopped her. She'd felt his pain and didn't want him to be alone. She had the strong, dreaded feeling that he'd thought of taking his own life since Riley's death, and she couldn't let him do it—suicides fared badly in the next life and she sensed that he was close.

He marched past Cher's desk and out the door of the glass storefront and she ran after him.

"Save my daddy," she heard the little boy say. "It's not time for him to come here yet. If you make him fall in love with you, he'll see me again. Really, lady, I can talk to him, but you have to make him fall in love with you!"

Miracle wasn't focusing much on the little boy's words, but she filed them away for later, knowing that the other side had powers that those on earth didn't.

"Hurry, lady!" the little boy said, his voice pleading.

"Blake!" She panted as she ran after him, her feet pounding on the pavement as his quick strides proceeded down the sidewalk.

"Go away," he called, not looking back, taking longer strides.

Miracle could see the stares of other people as they walked by, but she didn't care. Thank goodness she'd done long distance running. Blake was fast, athletic and his legs were twice as long as hers, but she didn't slow down even when her lungs burned. As he turned a corner, walking around a brick building, she caught up with him enough to grab his powerful arm. "Please stop!"

To her surprise, he did, turning to face her, his expressive eyes—she swore they were aqua—burning at her with hostility. "I don't want your services anymore. Please leave me alone. The last thing I need is some beautiful woman, claiming she can talk to the dead, chasing after me. I don't know how you managed that trick, but it was cruel!"

She flinched, feeling as if he'd slapped her. Then she recovered. Most people were non-believers because they didn't see or feel the things that she did. It was nothing for her to be offended over and usually she wasn't, but she wanted this man to like her.

Sensing he was ready to leave again, she tightened her grip on his arm, a strange and unfamiliar sensation washing over her. She felt as if she'd known him for years, after all he'd come to her so often. "I swear I didn't use any tricks, nor did I mean to hurt you. Besides—you came to me."

They stood, staring at one another in silence, both of them breathing hard.

"I know your pain," she heard herself saying.

He shot her a cold little smile. "I'm sure you do. Look, go back—Miracle." He lifted his eyes to the heavens. "I don't know what possessed me to make the appointment, but I paid you and now I'm gone." "I don't think you should be alone. You're thinking—" She decided not to speak about suicide out loud. Not exactly. Not yet.

"What am I thinking?" he demanded.

"I'd like to make love to you." The words had just tumbled out and as soon as they did, she wished she could shove them back down her throat. A dark look overcame him and his eyes flashed. "Is that why you followed me? I'm not in the mood for sex games."

"I really mean it. There would be no strings. I've never been with a man I've been this attracted to before and I want to know what it's like. Somehow I think you'd be a great lover, perfect for me."


She shuddered a moment, knowing from his vibes that he'd engage in her fantasies—spanking, bondage, and more…"Yes, really. I—I know."

"Oh, can you conjure up visions my sexual prowess?"

Her heart thudded. She couldn't tell him that, yes, actually she could. "Look, I've never asked a man to make love to me before. It's not like me at all."

"Well, then I'll just leave and we'll forget you ever asked me."

"I still would like to have you." Miracle could hardly believe the words spilling from her mouth and wondered if her mischievous Guardian Angel, Vivian, was behind her sudden boldness.

Blake looked at her warily. "Look, this is beyond bizarre—"

She closed in on him, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 07/02/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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