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Star Gem In The Rough, A

Author(s): Lorelei Colton

Can lost loves reunite?

Bellanca Stareck can have almost anything in the known universe she wants. Unlike her power and fortune hungry father and sister, the only she truly wants is to find her missing brother. Or so she thought. Even before her brother disappeared, she felt some was lacking in her life. She was never sure what it was until she went to Sakella to search for him and she finds something more precious than money.

Roan Ravenshear will never forget Bellanca Stareck, the only woman he ever truly loved. He's been dreaming about her for the past years. Her father deemed Roan unworthy of Bellanca. He always regretted being forced to leave. But Roan was determined to make a fortune of his own and prove himself worthy of her.

What happens when he finally comes face to face with her?



Roan Ravenshear walked down the street. The meeting with Quarta Jewelers went well. He wished he could the same about his other appointment. In opinion, that appointment was the more important one. If only he could get his release papers and his ship released. Damn Sakella government. Things were taking too long. He was tired of being told to be patient. He felt so helpless.

It didn't seem to matter he was honorably discharged from the Sakellan military a few months ago. He was allowed to return to civilian life. But not allowed to leave the planet. It didn't make sense since he was a citizen of Vesmur not Sakella. He shouldn't have been apart of their war in the first place. He was drafted since he owned land here.

The Sakellan military all but drooled when they found out about his record as fighter pilot with the Alliance eight years ago. The military life wasn't for him. He hated living by someone else's schedule and rules. Thoughts and an old holo-photo of one woman kept him going during the war. That dream seemed so vivid. Nothing was going to stop him from going to her when he got his clearance to leave.

The sun came out from the clouds and blinded him. He bumped into a woman as he pulled his sunglasses out of his jacket pocket. "Sorry ma'am." He sensed a familiar mind. His vision cleared as he looked down at her. It can't be her.

The dark haired woman stared up at him with green eyes.

"Bella?" He name came out like an answered prayer. He lifted his sunglasses to get better look.

She froze where she stood. He swore he must've been seeing a mirage or dreaming. The cold air slapped him in the face, reminding him he was awake. He felt a light touch of her mind. It was really her.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-215-3
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 09/25/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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