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Tell Me Something Good

Author(s): Raven Knight

When Lindsey Davenport goes to her boyfriend's house to break up with him, the last thing she expects is to find him dead...and herself the main murder suspect. Lindsey, the disowned daughter of the country's most affluent African-American Entrepreneur, has been in legal trouble before due to a man. She knows that her father will never help her out of this mess and that she's likely headed to prison.

Diego Cruz, known as The Psychic Detective, is first on the scene and as soon as he gets close to Lindsey, can tell that she isn't the killer. His powers allow him to read her innocence. Whats more, he finds himself feeling protective of and attracted to the frightened young woman who he knows is in for a hard time. Fearing for her safety, he talks his boss into taking her to his secluded retreat and into protective custody. She doesn't trust him or want to go, but he convinces her that it's better than jail.

Cruz and Lindsey become emotionally close during their stay, giving into their mutual attraction and engaging in hot, kinky sex. Cruz knows that she is his destined soulmate, but he has to solve the murder mystery in order to set her free. Lyndsey's life is in danger and, even with his psychic powers helping him, Cruz is running out of time.

 As Lindsey acquires some of his psychic powers, she helps him out, but will they catch the bad guy in time to save her life? Will the soulmates ever get to be together? 



When Lindsey Benton burst into her fiancs bedroom one sweltering July afternoon she expected to catch him cheating on her. But when she skidded to a halt in his silent bedroom, she found  that he would never cheat on anyone again.

Colin was alone and dead, his naked body lying obscenely on top of the sheets, a bloody knife in his chest, the rumpled covers on the floor. She took one look at his wide eternally unblinking  eyes and felt her mind shut down. Her ex-lover stared at nothing and blood trickled from the side of his parted lips. A horrified scream ripped from her throat as she stood frozen. And then hesitant steps took her to his bedside. Maybe there was a spark of life left, she had to check. She touched him recoiling when her fingertips touched the marble coldness of his flesh and was shocked when her fingers wrapped around the knife.  You cant mess with a crime scene, stupid!  She wiped the blood on her clothes, gagging, almost vomiting, then screaming again.  Her gaze landed on the nightstand phone. 9-1-1! she said, whimpering, and lifted it up, finding the line as dead as Colin.

A familiar voice filled her head, that of her deceased mother. She always heard her voice during trying times so it didnt surprise her. Keep your head, darling. Keep your head.

Right, Lindsey muttered to herself dropping the phone, and backing up to the window. Shaking, she threw open the sash praying for help.. Relief surged through her when she saw an elderly man cutting his hedges at the house next door.

 Hey you. Call for help! she shouted, her voice shaking dangerously. Colin Avery was murdered!

The man looked up at her as if she were crazy and didnt move.

 Hes dead! Colin Avery is dead! Get help! Someone cut the phone cord here!

The neighbor let out a gasp and dropped his hedge cutters, taking a panicked step back. You killed him? Then, with venom that shocked her, You blacks are always causing trouble and I dont care how rich your father is!

 Iwhat? Before she could explain he spun and headed quickly toward his house. Well, he could find out what happened later.  Stupid bigot, but Colin had warned her about his neighborshe choked up a sob. Colindead. Thank god the neighbor had at least acted. Tears coursed down her cheeks when she glanced back toward the bed.  Colin hadnt been the man shed thought he was, having a buxom blond on the side, but it hurt her that this had happened to him.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0059-5
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 05/19/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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