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The Trouble With Belgian Waffles

Book Title: Recipe for Love

Author(s): Kristi Ahlers

Join Claire and laugh out loud at her disastrous attempts in the culinary arts.  Not only can she not cook, but she’s a ‘klutz’  as well. Yet Detective Drake definitely notices his neighbor—obviously not for her culinary talents, but as one very sexy looking young woman he would really like to taste, er…get to know!




“911, what is your emergency?”

“This is Detective Drake Hunter, badge number 7325. I need to report a possible fire at 7894 Bayview Street, apartment 2C.”

Drake pinched the bridge of his nose. He didn't know if Claire the kitchen klutz was home or not. But, if the copious smoke belching from under the door was any indication, another culinary disaster was in progress.

"The trucks have been dispatched," said the 911 operator.

Drake disconnected the call and braced himself for the walk across the hall. Lady, Claire's dog, was howling along with the alarm. It was a wonder she wasn't deaf with all the noise coming from behind her door. Claire, not the dog.

He'd lived there for two months. This was the first time he'd personally placed the call to the San Francisco Fire Department. Normally he was at work when Claire tried to cook.

Before he reached her door, the fire department arrived complete with screaming sirens and flashing lights.

Drake decided to return to his apartment. With arms folded across his chest and his shoulder propped against the wooden frame he waited—for Claire.

Yeah, he was a glutton for punishment. He didn't have time for a relationship. His job as a detective with the San Francisco Police Department kept him busy. And a busy detective didn't mix well with trying to foster a relationship–with anyone. Still, Claire Caldwell made him forget all the reasons why he didn't date.

His petite neighbor was beautiful and sexy as hell. He'd used the department's resources and run a background check on the woman who seemed committed to burning down the building he called home.

He'd discovered she taught ballet at the San Francisco School of Ballet, was from Wisteria, Mississippi, and had never been late with a car or credit card payment. But he hadn't needed the investigation to discover she had beautiful brown eyes, hair the color of rich dark chocolate, and a dimple in her right cheek when she smiled.

The list of things he didn't know was short, but no less important. He didn't know what it felt like to hold her close or what her mouth tasted like if…no… when he'd kiss her.

Why these things mattered to him was a mystery. He didn't plan on pursuing a relationship with her. The next thing he knew he'd be reading Oprah book picks in his spare time. He needed to do something manly before that happened. 

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ISBN (Print): 9780978713904
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 07/01/2007

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