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Tide of Love

Author(s): Lyncee Shillard

Tide of Love by Lyncee Shillard
erotic paranormal romance
Release Date: 03/28/2013
Cover art by Red Poppy Designs

As a mermaid, Aislynn longed for passion without understanding it. One lucky break gives her a chance to live out her dream.

Finley is a no nonsense lawyer who doesn’t want love. He’s not, however, above rolling in the sheets with the hot weirdo who stumbles into his life. Or in the shower. Or outside.

But when Aislynn is targeted in an ancient plot not of her making, Finley will need to decide if he can live without the woman he doesn’t quite understand but can’t seem to get out of his mind.


Finley McCormock thanked the supreme powers-to-be that a seven-foot oak table separated him from his client, Charlene, the soon to be ex-Mrs. Edward Campbell the third. If the woman was within reach, he’d have to hire a team of lawyers to defend him on manslaughter charges. His fingers itched with the desire to wrap around her throat and silence her annoying voice, which had resulted in a six-month long headache.

“My monthly Botox treatments are a necessity,” Charlene droned. “Along with my quarterly weekend at the Wave Spa.” She examined an unnaturally long fingernail painted the same shade of orange as her silk top.

While eager to rid himself of his second wife, a mindless twit twenty years his junior, Edward Campbell did have limits on how much he was willing to spend to correct his mistake.

“Mrs. Campbell, as I’ve explained, you will receive a monthly living allowance. It is your choice as to how you spend the allotted sum.”

“I can’t possibly see how I can live on these few pennies being offered.” Charlene’s murky brown eyes glassed over as she allowed tears to form.

The settlement Finley had managed to get was on the high end of good sneaking into excellent, and the woman faked tears? She would receive more money in one month than she had made in a year working as a floral assistant before her marriage. Besides the fact that during their marriage, Edward had funded the opening of her greenhouse. Finley tried not to roll his eyes as he remembered the slogan: Charlene’s—every day should have a rose for your nose.

“Save it for your new husband.” He pushed the legal documents across the table. His patience exhausted. Time to end this case and move on to the next trophy wife who felt she’d been wronged. “This is a good deal. Mr. Campbell has been more than generous.”

The woman snorted. “He should be. I screwed him for over a year. Do you have any idea how disgusting it is to suck on  shriveled up penis?”

Finley forced his breakfast back down into his stomach. “No. And I don’t really think I can bring that into court as a point to gain you more alimony.”

“I bet your penis isn’t old and wrinkled. I bet it’s thick and long.” She leaned forward, shoving her fake breasts onto the table. “I have been told my tongue is very talented.” Her voice no longer carried a whiny pitch but now had a deep and husky tone. Another ploy meant to turn him on. She ran the tip of her tongue over collagen-enhanced ruby red lips.

It never failed. If his client was under forty, she would offer some sort of sexual services on the belief this would make him somehow able to secure more money from her soon-to-be ex-husband. One woman had even gone as far as emailing Finley a video of her nude while performing oral sex on a dildo with the caption of “this could be you”.

“Mrs. Campbell, it is my suggestion as your lawyer to accept this deal.” Finley held the pen out.

“Fuck you,” Charlene spat. “You are working with Edward. I’m going to find a different lawyer. And don’t bother billing me.” She stood with such fury, her chair toppled backward.

Finley sighed as the woman struggled to keep her balance as she marched across the meeting room in four-inch heels. Only after she slammed the door shut did he tilt his head back and close his eyes.

Never a romantic, Finley had gravitated to divorce law early in law school. He’d excelled due to his ability to not let his emotions— or according to his last couple of girlfriends the lack of them— get in the way. As a teen he’d learned love could be fickle and even deadly. It was like the Pacific tide, constantly raising and lowering. Revealing new things and burying others – like tacky ex-wives.

Standing, he went around the table and righted the chair Charlene had shoved over. He retrieved the case file and left through the employee door into the main office.

“I heard Mrs. Campbell storm out.” Lissa smiled and tilted her head. “Am I to assume she wasn’t impressed with the deal you negotiated on her behalf?”

He handed the file over to his assistant of three years. If anyone doubted the girl next door existed, they simply needed to meet Lissa Granible. For all of the ugliness that crept through their office, she remained a true believer in love.

“It’s the usual. She offered. I turned it down. She huffed out, threatening to get a different lawyer.”

“I’ll wait for her call then have her come in while you’re in a meeting to sign the documents.”

In the last three years, he had done this same client dance with Lissa at least one hundred times. “Yes, please. And I really would like to never talk to the soon to be ex-Mrs. Edward Campbell the third again.”

“Should I add the standard five hundred dollar fee for that service?”

Finley smiled for the first time in the day. “I’m going out to grab a quick lunch before my one o’clock.”

Lissa nodded.

As he walked out of the building, the tension twisting his neck muscles into knots began to lessen. Maybe he needed some time off. The air was still moist from the storm earlier that day. The sun hadn’t yet reached its summer peak, so the mid-day heat wasn’t unbearable. He decided to enjoy the mild day and eat his lunch in the park watching families who hadn’t yet learned to hate one another.

The sounds of traffic provided background melody as he strolled down the sidewalk toward the small sandwich shop next to the canal.

“Ouch,” a small voice whispered to his left. Turning, he froze in place. He was no stranger to beautiful women. Some of the country’s most striking trophy wives had sat in his office, but this woman was perfection. Long, wavy, honey brown hair hung loose and begged for his fingers to lace through it. Without thought, he found he’d walked over to the goddess.

“Are you okay?” He knelt in front of her. With deep stormy blue eyes, she stared at him.

“I’m not sure,” she muttered, leaving her faint pink lips parted as if inviting him to kiss them. “I believe I’m in pain.”

Her sweet and soothing voice caused his heart to skip a beat.

“What happened? Do you want me to call for an ambulance?”

“I was walking when someone riding a board shoved me into the railing.” She drew a deep breath and slid the silky, misty green sundress up. Exposing a creamy ivory thigh with a large red mark. “See there!” She pointed.

Desire slammed into the pit of his stomach, driving it to his feet. How long had this latest dry spell been? Before he realized what he was doing, he lightly brushed the area. “It looks like a bruise.” He coughed to clear his throat.

“Wonderful,” she gasped. “Does pain come with a bruise?”

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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 03/28/2013
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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