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Author(s): Veronica Tower

Cassie likes to play tricks on Halloween.

 She spends the whole year planning – constructing the perfect sexy costume to attract just the right sort of man. He has to be tall, strong, handsome, and totally self-confident. And, of course, too horny to expect the sort of trick Cassie is about to play on him.

 It’s Halloween again.

 Let the fun begin!



“How do I look?” Cassie asked as she smoothed the fabric of her short black dress down over her thighs. The dress ended about one-third of the way to her knees, exposing rich mahogany skin beneath her black fishnet stockings.

She glanced behind her to check her seams and admire her sharp stiletto heels. She looked damn good and she knew it. She had only asked the question to make Brooke acknowledge her perfection.

“Cassie, you are smoking in that outfit,” Brooke assured her.

Cassie smiled, satisfied by the complement, and picked her pointy witch’s hat up off the dresser. She admired her costume again as she placed the hat at an angle upon her head. The dress was perfect, revealing just the right amount of both her thighs and her cleavage. The hat made it clear that she was in costume. And, of course, what guy wouldn’t want to cream when he saw those stockings and heels.

She couldn’t help smirking with satisfaction. “Not exactly The Wizard of Oz, is it?”

Brooke smirked with her. “That witch has got nothing on you. You are going to have the men lining up for their chances at you — even after what you did to that white guy last year.”

“Oooh,” Cassie breathed, “that was a good time, wasn’t it. Mr. Rock Star thought he could handle my police woman, but like so many before him, he fell victim to my Halloween wiles.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-790-5
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 10/14/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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