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Undeniable Craving

Canyon Creek Wolves

Author(s): Marisa Chenery

Gage had gone to Great Falls, Montana, to sell his family’s pelts after a winter of trapping. Mostly to keep his mind off the fact he’d been mate branded and his time had just about run out to find his one and only. Losing his humanity wasn’t something he wanted to face. But the trip turns into something much more when he finds the one woman meant to be his dying of cancer with only days to live.

Jaimie was at death’s door. She vaguely remembers a visit from a strange man at her hospital bed who bites her and then tells her she’s his. She’s then tumbled into a world where wolves can shift to human form, and where one will do anything to save her.


“Here’s Jaimie’s room number,” Lynne said as she faced him once more and held out a scrap of paper she’d torn from the top sheet of her pad near the bottom.

“Thanks.” Gage put it into his front jeans pocket.

Once they went back to the business of going through the pelts, Gage felt as if that small slip of paper burned a hole inside his pocket. Even though he’d told Lynne he’d have flowers sent to her sister, he had no intention of doing that. He’d go to the florist, pick out some flowers and personally deliver them to Jaimie. He had to see her.

With check in hand for the pelts, which he’d have to cash in Helena, Gage left Lynne and the furs behind. He drove toward Great Fall’s downtown area to look for a florist shop. It didn’t take him long to spot one. Not sure what flowers Jaimie liked, he picked out a mixture of pale pink and red roses.

Then he was off to the hospital. Gage entered the building, carrying the flowers in one hand as he took out the paper with Jaimie’s room number. Since he’d never been to this hospital, or any other one, for that matter, he had to ask at the nurse’s station where the room was after he arrived on the correct floor. The place was like a giant maze with its different wings.

The door stood open. Gage quietly walked inside, his gaze on the lone figure on the only bed. He drew in a deep breath, the need to have Jaimie’s scent in his nose something he couldn’t ignore. At first, the almost overwhelming smell of disinfectants masked it. He separated it from the one that was hers and latched on to it.

His mate’s scent became etched in his mind. It was there, stronger than what had been on Lynn’s clothing. And along with it, he picked up the harsh smell of sickness. Wolf shifters’ keen noses were known to detect an illness like cancer in a human long before a doctor diagnosed it. If he’d met Jaimie earlier there could have been a good chance he would have caught what was now killing her long before it reached this stage.

Gage silently headed over to the table beside the bed and placed the vase with the roses onto it. He set his gaze on Jaimie. She had her eyes closed and appeared to be in a deep sleep. Besides the cancer, he smelled the drugs she’d been given mixed with her scent.

He stepped closer and continued to run his gaze over his mate. The first thing he noticed was her unhealthy color and the thinness of her face. Her dark blonde hair was limp and just barely touched the tops of her shoulders. Despite all that, he couldn’t think of her in any other way than beautiful.

“Jaimie,” he said softly.

She didn’t stir. It had to be the meds they’d given her that kept her oblivious to his presence. Gage figured it was for the best. It would have been hard to see her in pain, even if it meant she’d be awake.

The longer he stared at Jaimie the more his body reacted to her nearness. His cock hardened with a surge of arousal, straining against the front of his jeans. His scent grew stronger. If his mate had been awake and healthy, she would have found it hard to resist. It’d work like an aphrodisiac, nature’s way of ensuring they followed its course and became mated. Even though what he was going through was highly inappropriate given the situation, Gage had no control over it. The surges had set in right after his mate brand had appeared and had evened out the following day. Now that he’d found Jaimie, they’d started again. No matter how hard he tried to control them he couldn’t stop them.

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t damn fair. Why would fate decide Jaimie was his mate only to take her away? They’d both end up losing. She’d die and he’d lose his humanity. He’d no longer be able to take on human form and have the ability to think or understand speech. He’d be like any other gray wolf that lived out in the forest. He’d be completely wild. He could save himself that fate by claiming Jaimie, by biting her.

Gage stiffened as another thought rose to the surface of his mind. Could he? Could he bite Jaimie and possibly save her as well? There was a chance. After Kiel and Cyrus had claimed their mates, human mates, Neha and Shyla had gained the ability to heal at a rapid rate. Since they were the first humans to be mated to wolf shifters, they didn’t know for sure if the women would now be as long-lived as their mates. His family believed they were, and right now he had to believe that as well.

His gaze shot in the direction of the open door and then back to Jaimie. Gage didn’t want to think about it too hard or he’d try to talk himself out of it. Claiming her was the only way. It should have been done while they made love, but that wasn’t going to happen. He had to hurry and do it before anyone came into the room and saw him biting her. He couldn’t very well explain he’d done it with the hopes of saving her life. They’d have him arrested for assault.

Gage stopped thinking and acted on instinct. He felt his eyeteeth shift, becoming longer and sharper like a wolf’s. He sat on the side of the bed, gently gathered Jaimie into his arms and then lowered his head toward her neck where it met her shoulder. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-941-4
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 06/11/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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