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Author(s): Krystal Brookes

Underground by Krystal Brookes
Included in the End of Days anthology
futuristic, post-apocalyptic erotic romance novella
Cover Art by Verónica Fernández
Release Date: 02/28/2013
BIN# JGPI2013007-KB2

In the midst of a nuclear attack, Kerys finds comfort and protection for herself and her small child in the arms of two lovers. Stuck with few other survivors on a Glasgow Underground train, she wonders if this sultry affair is born of circumstance or if they can make it last.


Great. Just what Caleb needed. A screaming child. He’d already spent five hours on a train from London with a tinny drumbeat disturbing the peace of the carriage for the entire journey. The music-lover had even been asked by an elderly gentleman to turn it down. The poor old guy had got a mouthful of abuse and a middle-fingered salute for his troubles.

Caleb had considered intervening but had wimped out and settled for an easy life despite the noise from the obnoxious teen.

Now he was stuck on a broken-down underground train with the baby, whose crying was getting on his nerves. To be fair, the train had jolted violently when it stopped and now it was pitch black and there were no emergency lights.

The peered in the direction of the screaming child, hoping for a glimpse of its mother, who had been a complete babe. He may have come to Glasgow to meet up with Zain, the guy he’d been dating online for months, but he’d been drawn to the dark-haired woman as he’d watched her bumping the pram awkwardly down the steps of the subway station. He would have gone to help, but he was at the other end of the platform. When a few drunk people had come down onto the platform singing and being generally loud and annoying, Caleb had caught the woman’s eye. She’d looked uncomfortable and had moved slightly nearer to Zain and him. Luckily the drunken revellers were now in the other carriage.

The idea of spending the night with Zain for the first time already had his body on high alert sexually. But the girl was just perfect. Her jeans hugged her perfectly-rounded ass and her leather jacket skimmed just under her waist. It was enough to make his balls lift up against his body and his cock to start to harden. She had turned her light blue eyes to look at him, and he’d instantly wanted to kiss her pouting red lips.

His cock, which had already been hard, began to ache, and he wriggled in his seat. He needed a blow job in the worst way.

At that moment, he heard the door to the driver’s cab open and a muttered curse.

“Why can’t people take their crap with them?” grumbled the large man that Caleb assumed was the driver. His eyes were adjusting to the darkness now, and while he wouldn’t say he could see, he could at least make out shapes.

“Right folks. Radio seems to be broken, I can’t get hold of the engineers, and obviously there is no mobile signal down here. The good news is that there are no trains behind us, so there’s no danger of a train running into us. And even if there were, the whole system works on electricity, so we’re pretty safe either way.”

There was a slight tremble in the driver’s voice. Caleb couldn’t help thinking that he was less certain about their eventual rescue than he was willing to admit. At worst, Caleb mused, they wouldn’t be found until the Underground opened again at 6:30 a.m.

The throbbing of his cock drew his attention back to the situation in his underwear. Damn, his balls would explode by morning if he had to wait.

“You OK?” asked Zain.

“Mmm.” Caleb picked up his friend’s hand and placed it on his groin, to let him know just how not OK he was.

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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 02/28/2013
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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