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What Truly Matters

Author(s): Mildred Trent

A bad taste has been left in Cecilia Carlyle’s mouth concerning ‘rich boys’. Having dated plenty, she finds them arrogant, superficial, and downright rude. She’s vowed to steer clear of them no matter how gorgeous they are.

Rayford Browner was raised by an African American nanny who taught him ‘people are people no matter the color of their skin’ and he has lived by that rule his entire life. So when he meets Cecilia, color ain’t a thang.

“You are brave, smart, beautiful—God, are you beautiful—and full of spirit with a hint of spunk. Most people I know are afraid of people with money because, contrary to popular belief money does not equal power, or try to use them for their own personal gain. You, you stood up for yourself, head held high, proud of who you were and what you had accomplished. You rose above your circumstances, virtually throwing their shit back in their faces. Pity you? Never. I am in awe of you,” Rayford finished, lowering his head to kiss the back of each of her hands.

Cecilia didn’t even realize she was crying until he reached up and wiped the tears away from her cheeks with his thumbs.

“You have nothing to cry about, Cecilia. You are a beautiful woman with the heart of a god. Your beauty transcends the exterior and travels through every molecule in your body. Can you please, please, please give me a chance to prove to you I am not now, have never been, nor could ever be the kind of person who could shun nor disregarded you? Can you do that for me?” Rayford pleaded.

Cecilia couldn’t trust her voice at that moment, so she nodded her head yes instead. The sincerity in his words and on his face was slowly breaking down the barriers she’d built so long ago. The light shining through was brilliant and allowed her to see Rayford as she should have been able to see him from the start. He was a good man and sexy as hell.

She saw the look of relief on Rayford’s face. It was enough to break the somber mood that had filled the living room. Cecilia took a deep breath, wiped the remaining tears from her eyes, and said, “Where do we begin?”

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Date Published: 03/21/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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