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Wild Craving

Canyon Creek Wolves

Author(s): Marisa Chenery

Born a wolf able to take on human form, Kiel loves the freedom of the mountainous forests on his family’s lands. But his life is about to change as the mate brand appears on his skin, which sets off a countdown. He has a short time to find and claim his mate before he loses his humanity for good. Expecting her to be a wolf shifter like him, a chance encounter with a human woman shows she’s the one meant for him.

As a model, Neha had seen a lot of good-looking men, but Kiel took her breath away at first sight, while his intoxicating scent had her body going into overdrive. Only passing through, circumstances happen that have her staying longer than she intended, and gives her the chance to let nature take its course.

With time ticking away, Kiel takes steps to bind Neha to him, and gives in to his wild craving. Once claimed, he must keep his mate at his side or face a lifetime of loneliness.


Neha spotted an empty table at the back of the room and headed in its direction. She walked past the counter where other patrons sat eating. Her gaze landed on a man whose looks almost took her breath away. He actually put the male models she’d left in Yellowstone to shame. His black, straight hair was on the longish side and brushed the tops of his shoulders. He had a square jaw, chiseled cheekbones and firm lips, but it was his eyes that drew her attention the most. They were an amazing light green, and the way they seemed to be eating her up, she couldn’t help her body’s reaction. Her blood heated and an ache throbbed deep inside her pussy.

Acting like the cool, sophisticated woman she was, Neha forced her gaze off Mr. Delectable and continued on to the table she’d chosen. As she walked by him, she dragged in a deep breath and almost groaned out loud. Not only was he a gorgeous male specimen, he smelled great. His scent was musky and all male, which made the ache in her pussy increase. If a company was able to duplicate it and sell it as a man’s cologne, they’d make millions.

She reached the back table and sat. She made sure she took a spot that gave her a good view of the counter and the hunk who was seated there. Neha looked over at him and found him still staring at her as if she were something he wanted to sink his teeth into. She didn’t think she’d try to stop him if he tried.

A waitress came to Neha’s table and asked if she was ready to order. Neha quickly scanned the menu. Most of the food was fattening and not allowed on the diet she maintained to keep her present weight. She figured she could eat whatever she wanted once her modeling career ended. She chose the vegetable chicken noodle soup and a glass of water.

After the waitress left, Neha turned her gaze back to the hunk at the counter. She sucked in a quick breath when she saw he walked toward her, carrying a plate with a sandwich and a steaming cup of coffee. She sat straighter once he reached her table.

“I noticed you came in alone,” he said in his toe-curling deep voice. “Do you mind if I join you? I thought maybe you’d like the company.”

Normally Neha would have shot down a guy who tried something like that. She wasn’t naive when it came to her looks. She hadn’t become a successful model because she was average-looking. She’d had more than her share of men who panted over her, only interested in getting her into their beds. But with Mr. Gorgeous, she nodded, allowing him to join her. With his incredible scent filling her lungs, she didn’t have the will power to resist.

He placed what he carried on the table and then pulled out the chair across from her. Neha followed his movements with her gaze. His black t-shirt was stretched tight across his muscular shoulders and well-defined chest. His wide back ended in a tapered waist that was hugged by snug-fitting jeans. She also couldn’t miss the fact he sported an erection, which caused her breath to catch in her lungs. For some reason, she wasn’t put off by it, even though they’d barely spoken. She was drawn to him unlike any man before.

Once he sat, he smiled, which had butterflies fluttering in Neha’s stomach and wetness pooling between her legs. She hadn’t thought he could be any better looking, but that smile proved he could. She found herself unable to drag her gaze off his lips.

“I’m Kiel,” he said.

Neha sucked in a shaky breath and met his gaze. “I’m Neha.”

“Thanks for agreeing to allow me to join you.”

At that point, the waitress came to the table with Neha’s soup and water. Once the items were placed in front of Neha, the woman left her and Kiel alone again.

Neha picked up the conversation where it’d let off. “I don’t normally make it a practice to eat with every random man who asks.”

Kiel grinned. “Then I guess I should count myself privileged.” He paused, then said, “By the way you’re dressed, I’d say you aren’t from around here.”

“You guessed right. I live in New York City. I was at Yellowstone on a photo shoot for the last two days.”

Neha didn’t miss the look of disappointment that passed for a split second over Kiel’s face. “So you’re a model?”

“Yes. I’ve been featured in quite a few popular women’s magazines since I had my start a couple years ago. Maybe you’ve seen them?”

Kiel chuckled. “No, sorry I haven’t. Those wouldn’t be the type of magazines I’d be buying.”

Neha smiled. “I guess not.”

“Are you staying in Helena for a while?”

“Actually, no. I have to catch a flight to New York City in less an hour and a half. I just got back from Yellowstone. I’m going to finish my lunch, return my rental car, then check in at the airport.”

Kiel appeared uneasy as he picked up half his sandwich and took a bite. Neha ate some of her soup. She decided to see how their short time together turned out. If it looked as if they would hit it off, she’d ask for his email address and cell phone number so she could keep in contact with him once she was home.

“Would you like some company while you wait for your flight?” Kiel asked as his gaze met hers.

That was an excellent idea. She’d have a better chance of getting to know him, and to see if he was worth considering as boyfriend potential. To be honest, if she managed to get him to come to New York City, with her connections, she’d have no problem helping Kiel get into modeling. But that was getting a little ahead of herself. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-929-2
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 02/05/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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