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Aries Rising

Author(s): Syrell Starr

One man has the unique gift of being able to read photographs, and he uses his skill to provide mates for men who pay well for the privilege.

Gondar Lem is such a man. Selected to guard a secret that could destroy worlds, he secludes himself on a far outpost in the middle of nowhere. For nine years, hes lived alone but hopes for the day the matchmaker will find him a special woman.

Sierra Madison poses nude to help raise funds that will pay for her brothers surgery. Little does she realize what that photograph will cost her. Kidnapped by an alien who claims she was chosen for his mate, shes whisked away to exotic planets on an adventure that brings her more pleasure than she ever dreamed possible.


The restraints released, and Gondar pulled her to her feet. I want to show you something.

He led her to a solid wall of steel. A small panel of lights attracted his attention, and he pushed one. The wall slid open to reveal a huge window. Her eyes widened. A blanket of twinkling lights flaunted evidence of infinite space in the most spectacular presentation of backdrop shed ever seen. Either this was the most elaborate hoax anyone ever perpetrated, or she really was traveling to another planet. With proof staring her in the face, she admitted the latter a more likely scenario, and her head buzzed with the revelation.

Im not feeling well.

He wrapped strong arms about her. Ive given you a lot to absorb in a short amount of time. Lets lie down.

She bristled at the suggestion even though her body craved a reclining position and a wet rag for her forehead. Lets not.

Youre pale. I dont want you fainting on me. Muscular arms slipped beneath her legs, and he lifted her. Without permission, he placed her on the bed then stretched out beside her. I suggest a nap. Close your eyes.

She shook her head. Youll take advantage.

Probably, but I promise youll enjoy every minute. Now be a good girl and close your eyes. He reached up with his free hand and stroked her forehead in a soothing, circular pattern. Kick off those shoes and relax.

Against her skin, the bonding bracelet sent pulses of warmth. Beside her, his presence provided a security she hadnt felt in a long time. Good sense would be to fight against her changing attitude, but something in his gaze, some small ounce of vulnerability made her want to see this adventure to its end. She sensed a kindred spirit, a man just as hungry for companionship as she. She struggled to find the will to resist.

Her eyes drifted closed. This doesnt mean I capitulate to your bossiness.

Id be disappointed if it did. He chuckled.

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