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Blood Bonds

Vorian Brotherhood

Author(s): Piper Evyns

Three Immortal brothers, one brutal killer... 

At the famous Blaze Station, where sexual pleasure is more than just a business, Inspector Jonquelle Harper must solve a baffling series of murders while avoiding the seductive advances of the owners.  One carries a grudge, one burns to make her his and one just wants to feed off her pleasure-and one of the three is a cold blooded killer who will stop at nothing to complete his objective.

The stasis shielding on the room had kept the blood fresh and all the evidence intact.  The man who had come up with the device was both brilliant and totally deranged, if she remembered her history of law lessons correctly. He’d been a sick scientist who loved the look and scent of new death but his invention had given law enforcement a powerful tool. 

Jon clipped a personal shield generator to the lapel of her uniform and activated it with a gentle squeeze.  A steady hum filled her ears as soft light surrounded her.  The shield would keep her from contaminating evidence and would, thankfully, keep out the rank stench of old blood.

The body had been left where it had fallen, sprawled on the bed, her knees lifted slightly and her thighs spread as if she waited for her lover to return.  Blood turned the red silk a shiny black.  Smears of it had painted the oriental comforter.  She’d struggled to get away.  The bastard posed her like this, Jon thought.  Her throat constricted as she stepped closer and surveyed the wounds.  Starlight, there were so many of them, each so vicious that her mind immediately labeled it a crime of passion and not because the victim was naked and still wearing a set of diamond studded nipple clamps. The number of wounds and the sheer viciousness of it indicated the killer bore strong emotions towards the victim. It looked more like an animal attack, but Jon knew damn well the station had strict rules about non-humanoids.  There were no animals on the premises

“Is there anything I can get you?”  Lukan had stayed back, just on the other side of the door.  His tall lithe body leaned against the frame, his dark eyes calm and somber.  There were no signs of the swirling passion she’d seen there only a short while ago.

“I’m fine.  Thanks.”  If her voice was unsteady it could be blamed on the carnage spread before her.  It wasn’t of course.  Lukan had shocked her and stirred her blood while her guard had been down.  When had he gotten so forceful? 

Put it out of your mind.  You have a job to do,
Jon reminded herself.  There were some mysteries that would just have to wait. Half an hour later, Jon switched off the scanner and stood up, stretching to relieve the strain on her back.  There was enough stray DNA in the room that it was impossible to reach any conclusions.  Even with normal housekeeping things got missed.  Obviously the quarterly sanitation sweep was coming due because there were ejaculate stains on the walls, the bed frame, hell even the imitation bamboo ceiling fan was speckled with cum.

“Who was with her?”  She called over her shoulder. The victim’s firm young breasts glistened with blood in the sultry glow of lamplight.  She had white blond hair and pale creamy skin.  Jon frowned; something seemed vaguely familiar about the figure. As she pulled the wisps of blood caked hair off the girl’s face she felt her own body chill.

“She looks like me,” Jon whispered.  Her stomach clenched and only years of training saved the dead girl from the indignity of being sprayed with Jon’s hastily eaten rations.

“Are you alright?”

Jon spun, knowing damn well her eyes were wide with shock.  “She looks almost exactly like me.”

“They all do.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0150-9
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 02/23/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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