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Connor's Storm

Author(s): D.J. Manly

Virile and sexy young Connor MacMahon, a colonel in the United World Defense, is sent on a top secret mission to the planet of Sanctum. The fate of the earth and its inhabitants depends on the protection of a precious compound grown on the planet. He is to protect the crops at all costs.

The planet of Sanctum is about to be invaded by the Deino. Young, idealistic Storm Varek, the leader of clandestine resistance group SIL, doesn't intend to sit around and watch as his people are slaughtered by their mortal enemy. Storm knows the United World Defense League cares only about keeping the precious crops grown there safe from the Deino.

Connor is given information about Storm even before he lands on Sanctum, and he doesn't intend to allow him to get in the way of his mission. When Connor and Storm meet, there is no misunderstanding about where they stand. They don't trust each other at all, and with good reason. Connor is biding his time. As soon as he uncovers proof of Storm's illegal activities, he will have what he needs to arrest him and other members of the SIL.

Both men know the last thing they should do is become lovers, but the attraction between them is hot and instantaneous, and burning totally out of control.


I checked in with the gate watchman and headed for my unit. When I arrived, I locked myself in, looking forward to my bed. In front of the bed, I pressed my finger to the seam on the uniform and both sleeves began to open. The material fell to my waist. I was just about to press the seam that would allow the rest of it to peel away from my body when I heard a voice say, “Fantastic, keep going.”
I swirled around to see Storm sitting on my bed. “How in the hell did you get in here?” I demanded.
“Looks like you have a security problem, Colonel,” he said, getting up off my bed.
The way he was looking at me was wiping out any rational thought I might have had. He stood in front of me and sucked in a deep breath as he placed his palms on my chest, moving them down slowly over my nipples. “My God, if you’re not one beautiful man. Now, how do we get the rest of that contraption off?”
I opened my mouth to speak, but he lifted one of his hands and put it over my lips. “Don’t say anything. Just kiss me, and we’ll worry about it later, okay?” The hand slipped back down to my chest again.
Almost against my own volition, I felt my head lower.
He waited, his mouth so close to mine.
I lowered further and captured his mouth, hearing a small moan that I wasn’t sure came from him or me. I felt his thumbs circle both my nipples, then I reached down, grabbed his ass and yanked his body closer. My tongue moved sensuously around the velvet lining of his mouth, his lips grinding against my own, his jaw widening as if to deepen a kiss that probably couldn’t have gotten much deeper.
He pushed away from me suddenly, his eyes looking a bit dazed, his chest heaving. He pulled his shirt over his head, leaving his silky hair as messy as if he’d just crawled out of bed. He gave me a lazy smile and came closer again. He placed his hands on either side of my face, raking them through my hair. “You’re a rogue, Commander, a disgraceful rogue.”
I smiled at him. “You think so?”
He laughed, letting his gaze run down over the lower part of my torso. “Take it off,” he said. It was meant to be an order.
I looked down at the top of my pants and pressed the seams together. Just like the top half, the material fell away from my body. I busied myself with the boots because I needed time to think. He wasn’t about to let me think. He went down on his haunches and pulled the boots off, along with my uniform. I was trembling when his eyes worked up my leg to my cock. I was hard as rock, and there was no way to hide it.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-002-2
Genre: GLBT
Date Published:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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