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Drink My Soul, Please

Author(s): Rie Sheridan Rose

Daniscar Zenov has been a soldier longer than he was not. With the War over at last, all he wants to do is go home and marry the girl he loves. But in the war-torn future that is his reality, nothing is ever that simple...


The machine sat on the scarred oak counter...a tiny monitor with a battered keyboard. It looked so innocent, its cursor blinking steadily, a little green pulse tallying electronic heartbeats. A single word of text glowed on the screen invitingly. "Engage...?"

Daniscar Zenov jerked upright with a gasp, staring into the darkness.

Just another dream... He buried his face in his hands. Dear more dreams. more dreams.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9846093-8-3
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 01/13/2011
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press

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