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Finding Home

Author(s): Jaime Samms

Finding Home by Jaime Samms
Book 3 in the Ageless Series
M/M erotic romance novel (about 70,000 words)
Cover Art by Winterheart Design

Mikko's life is turned upside down when his old mentor, Morgan infiltrates his mind and forces him to hurt the lover he's been trying to save. The attack leaves them both broken and uncertain, and Ken decides leaving is the only way to save Mikko more pain. Accompanied by friends who seem to have designs on something more, ken sets out on a quest to find Morgan and stop him.

Old friends and new lovers are all the pair have to sustain them on their individual journeys. There's no telling if they'll ever find the peace they seek for the world, or for themselves.

Series Blurb
In a world disintegrating under the weight of too many people, the Ageless men and women are finding their lifespan stretching well beyond normal, and discovering they have abilities never before documented. When children are few and far between, and people find they can shift to animal form with a thought, the rift between those doomed to age and die and those who seem ageless is growing.

Morgan has taken advantage of this rift to seize control of the central nervous system of the world's social structure and make his bid for world domination. It's up to Mikko and Ken and their small band of friends to stop the takeover even as they struggle on a much more personal level to find love and balance with one another.


The hair on the back of Ken's neck stood on end. His jersey t-shirt clung to his skin. Static electricity hung in the air. Outside the bedroom window, a shroud of gray covered the world, sea to sky. Mist, so thick it beaded on the pane and rolled in fat drops, distorted his view of the rolling horizon. Inside, the air was dry, crackling, and he rolled over to find himself under the intense scrutiny of Mikko's pale blue gaze.

"What is it?" He couldn't help the concern lacing his voice or the worry prowling the pit of his stomach. Wanting to reassure them both, he lifted a hand and touched Mikko's face. The sharp sting of static shock zinged through his fingers, but he managed not to flinch.

Over the weeks since Dean had arrived to care for Darian, Mikko's mood had steadily deteriorated. Ken knew the house, their little haven, was overcrowded. But Darian's injuries had been Ken’s doing, and while Mikko might not like the fact of Ken’s feeling obligated to help the wolf shifter, he had agreed. Part of helping the man heal included availing themselves of Dean's medical knowhow. Without him, Darian would be dead and they both knew it.

But even after days and days of his presence, Mikko still seemed hyper-attuned to the other Dom's presence. Almost, Ken thought, like he felt threatened by Dean's older, steadier power. He watched Ken now, as though he expected at any moment his lover was going to get up and walk out of the room, abandoning him. Superimposed in Ken's mind's eye, over Mikko's features for just an instant, were a pair of slanted green eyes, a fall of long blond hair, a vision of his past he'd hoped he'd been able to purge. That past lover had worn this look a lot. A desperate, frightened need, fuelled by the fear of being left alone, had driven Ken's last lover to make demands, then promises, bargains neither he, nor Ken had a hope of fulfilling. Guilt and anger surged up. Because Ken had left. He had abandoned that man. But he'd had no choice. He'd scooted out a door already swinging closed, sure if he stayed, he'd be trapped, and never to survive the crumbling relationship intact.

"Mikko, what's wrong?" he whispered, dropping his voice low, blanketing it in soothing layers over his lover's apparent fear and his own unease.

"You're not going to leave me." Mikko grated out the statement, the snapping energy in the air responding to the bright demand in his eyes and nipping at Ken's bare skin.

Ken frowned. He'd only just found this love, the security that Mikko gave him. "No." Sitting up, Ken had to shove the unwanted reminder of his last disastrous relationship out of his head. This was not the same. That time, he'd been with a man who loved him to distraction but couldn't be the Dom he needed, couldn't even find the strength to look after himself, let alone a submissive lover like Ken who had needed rehabilitation from a horrific past. Mikko was different. He was strong and sure, and if something was wrong to make him this insecure, Ken had to figure it out. He had to figure out what Mikko needed and give it to him.

"What makes you think that?" Ken asked, reaching up to where Mikko hovered over him. The overcast day gave their room a gray cast, allowing Ken a clear visual of the tiny sparks that snapped between them when he stroked his lover's cheek.

"I feel him everywhere," Mikko said, eyes shifting, darting his gaze about the room. "Every breath is tainted with him. He's too strong."

For a moment, that green-eyed vision ghosted through the room again, and Ken felt the familiar, constricting sadness of failure. He brushed those feelings away, pretty sure he knew Mikko was talking about something completely different. "Who, Mikko? Who is too strong? Too strong for what?"

"There shouldn't be another Dom in this house." Mikko's gaze came back, fixing on Ken's face with the light of fevered command in them. "He's not welcome." His head wagged from side to side, nostrils flared, like a dog searching for the right scent and not finding it. He strode away from the bed, quick steps carrying him across the room and back.

"Dean is here to help us, Mikko." Ken knelt, letting the soft folds of bedclothes fall away, and took his lover's face in both hands, stilling the agitated shifting of his head. "He has no interest in me."

"He's a Dom," Mikko snarled. "And you're—"

"I belong to you," Ken said firmly. "You and only you. I have no interest in him."

"You did once."

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Genre: GLBT
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Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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