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The Protectorate Wars-2

Author(s): Nena Duran

Gigi Allen had the voice of an angel and a failing heart. Her husband was an abusive monster who tormented her. Her shame was a burden she shared with no one. One tragic day change her fate forever.

Briq was a killer full of uncontrollable rage. Bah-Troy was a warrior whose honor had been unquestionable. The warrior he’d been was gone forever, and Briq was all that was left. He roamed the twin galaxies, smuggling, sabotaging and spying on the ones who’d cost him everything.

Thrown together by the same cruel creature who’d transformed him into a monster, will Briq and Gigi find love? Can two broken souls at last find peace in each other’s arms or will fate step in to rip them apart?      


Oh, sweet mother of God. She was to become a prize for the winning demon. Gigi panicked, trying to get up. Guilty or not, she had to get out of this place. She tried to step forward only to have something tighten around her neck.

Confused, she reached up, noticing the collar for the first time. She took another step, but it squeezed even more. Gasping, she fell to her knees. The more she struggled, the tighter it got.

Too late, she grasped what was happening. Creatures out of a Hollywood movie surrounded her. Some of them had tentacles, others furry bodies, some looked like cats…and so on. Her eyes were drawn to the most fearsome of them. His eyes glowed yellow. His skin had texture like small scales that changed colors. It was his face that surprised her. It looked totally human. She found him attractive in a strange way.

The creatures fought at the pit master’s command, biting, hitting and grunting. Gigi shook in horror, not knowing what to expect. The reptilian warrior was the most aggressive of all, plowing into the crowd of fighters, killing them without any effort.

His eyes took on a feral quality, and his voice was raspy. A low rumble emanated from his chest. The ones foolish enough to engage him ended up in a pile, which grew larger by the minute. Others tried to run, but he gave chase, slicing through them with two sharp spikes growing out of his arms.

The number of contenders dwindled. Gigi feared once they were gone he’d turn on her. Every time one of the creatures came too close, he’d cut them down—literally. There was so much gore. Some of them bled but others oozed some kind of gunk.

A pattern emerged. The reptilian warrior seemed to be working with another blue one with horns. Her suspicion was confirmed when a giant tentacle creature reached out to grab her. Like a well-oiled machine they enclosed her.

The tentacle creature moved as if to retreat, and made a grab for her at the last second. Reptilian warrior jumped about ten feet into the air, striking the scary-looking beast. Gigi screamed as it landed in two halves on the floor.

As if sensing her fear, the big reptilian warrior turned to look at her. No one had ever looked at her like that. His eyes changed in a second from glowing rage to anguish to shame. At that precise instant, she knew he’d protect her, even risking his own life.

Her thoughts were a jumble, and her heart raced. One thing came clear—he’d become her champion. He’d die for her, kill with his bare hands for her. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but instinct told her their fates were intertwined forever.

These things were wild beasts, fighting to the death. She wasn’t sure if he’d win. Her father had once told her music could soothe the wild beast. If it was her time to die, she wanted to go doing something she loved.

She closed her eyes and sang. Her voice came out stronger than ever before. Everyone was silent by the time she finished her favorite aria. Gigi opened her eyes and looked around the pit, surprised. Everyone sat or stood in a trance-like state. Her champion didn’t waste any time. He quickly disposed of most of the remaining fighters.

It was brutal, but she was too terrified to care. He dropped to kneeling in front of her. The crowd came out of their trance, chanting, “Briq, Briq, Briq.” That was his name. Briq.

“Release her to me,” he demanded.

“You haven’t won her yet. There are still two warriors left.”

“I’ll not kill them, but I’ll kill you if you don’t release her.”

“Then you forfeit the fight and your claim.”

Different emotions played across his face. Was he going to walk away, leaving her at the mercy of the two remaining challengers? She didn’t have time to think. Briq turned his head and talked to a furry creature that was coming out of his trance.

“I’ll spare your life if you unlock her collar.”

“Done,” the furry critter replied as he reached inside his pocket.

He took out a glowing-looking medallion, then placed it on top her collar. It came off with a loud click. Instantly her feet left the ground. Startled, Gigi reached out, placing her arms around Briq’s neck.

“Please don’t be scared,” he whispered in a low raspy voice. “I’ll die before I see you harmed.”

“I know. I’m not scared, at least not anymore. Thanks for saving me.”

What she did next was still perplexing. She leaned over and kissed his lips. I must be crazy, but my champion deserves a boon. She’d never been so bold or given to impulse. Kissing him felt right. Being in his arms felt like home.

She couldn’t deny the strong attraction she had for him. She was also aware he wasn’t human, but she didn’t care. For some unfathomable reason, she felt safe with this magnificent creature from a fantasy realm. Briq.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-935-3
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 04/17/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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