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Author(s): John Leahy

A surfer's quest for the ultimate wave leads him to discover another world.


“Mya, how big would these waves be?”She paused.“At least one hundred and fifty feet.”I sat down hard on the edge of the bed.“And you…you’re considering surfing these waves?”“Yes.”One hundred and fifty feet. God.“This place is as big as it gets, David. Its the ultimate ride. Beings from throughout the universe have tried to surf these waves but none have succeeded since the break was discovered five years ago. For the past five years I’ve been preparing for this. Now I’m ready.”A chill went through me.“Why do I have the distinct feeling that when you say nobody has succeeded in surfing these waves….you mean no-one has actually survived them?”“I aim to be the first. Unless you have other plans of course.”I stared at her. Talk about laying down the gauntlet. She held my gaze, a challenging smile playing on her lips. My eyes shifted back to Verdensis. One hundred and fifty feet. Almost double my record. Are you insane? Its not humanly possible! a voice screamed in my mind. It might be for her, but not for you! Yet I could feel it growing deep down in the pit of my stomach. The excitement. How many surfers would kill for an opportunity like this? The chance to surf an unconquered wave. This was what it was all about. The decision was made. I got to my feet. I was trembling slightly. “So where exactly on this rock are we going to?” I asked, staring at Verdensis. Mya’s face remained set and even, but in her eyes I could see her happiness at my intent. She pointed to a small landmass to the right of the part of the ocean where the Sefrag would strike in their act of immolation. “Esaryin Island. We’ll enter the water at Indomonu beach.”“Indomonu beach” I repeated. “Where suicidal surfers surf monster waves created as a result of suicide.” Mya laughed humorlessly. “That’s exactly what Indomonu means in English.” “What?”“Suicide.”

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ISBN (Print): 978161572-1764
ISBN (Electronic): 978161572-1757
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 09/01/2010
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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