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Promise of Love

Author(s): C. M. King

Secret pasts, growing affections, and troubles with love.

Stuart MacEwan comes from a long line of British Royal Navy sailors, but has broken with tradition to join the space exploration ship the Resolution as Chief Armory Officer. In contrast, astronomer Hayashi, Rieko has always wanted to be out among the stars. She finds the mysterious Stuart attractive and is happy when she learns the feeling is mutual. However, the more Rieko learns about him, the deeper her interest in Stuart grows, and the greater her frustrations about how distant he keeps himself. Can Rieko uncover the dark secrets in Stuart's past that make him wary of getting close to others? Will he face his fears about how much Rieko now means to him? Will Rieko finally break through Stuart's tough shell and gain a loving relationship with this mysterious loner?


As Stuart's chuckle died down the smile faded from his features and he seemed uncomfortably close. His blue eyes burned with intensity and his face was now unreadable. "Lavender?" he asked with a rough voice as he leaned in closer, his body just barely touching hers.

"My perfume." Rieko forced herself to look directly at his brilliant blue eyes. She could smell the scent of his aftershave between them, now mixed with that of her perfume. His eyes held such uncontrollable desire in them; they captivated her, holding her attentions as her breath caught in her throat.

And then his lips were on hers, one hand in her hair the other on her cheek, any space between then dissolved in passion. His tongue played across her teeth asking for entrance and she opened herself to him. Her hands gripped his strong shoulders. Stuart’s tongue delved into her mouth. Rieko felt a hand roam down her side to her waist pulling more of her to him, his other hand tightly clenched in her hair. She met his tongue with her own, trying to match his passion with hers. She ran a hand through his hair and ruined the order he had given it. Her other hand gripped the back of that brilliant blue shirt he wore.

And then as quickly as he had begun, Stuart pulled away. She gave a soft moan of protest as he physically disentangled himself from her and pushed himself further from her on the couch.

Rieko looked at Stuart, knowing her face was full of confusion. Her breaths still come fast and hard. That kiss was... amazing. Who knew Stuart was such a great kisser. But why had he stopped?

Stuart's breathing was as labored as her own. His intense eyes bore into her still as if they wished they could give her all the answers with just a look. "I can't," he gasped between breaths.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725700
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 12/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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