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Rocks and Hard Places

Author(s): J.J. Massa

Micah and her enigmatic brother, Granite, are both manufactured people, grown in a lab, and a lot of people think that means they're not real, that they can't think or feel. Micah knows better, and she knows that her brother had feelings that run deep, which is why she's willing to help her fellow Science Officer and shipmate, Willy, who thinks her brother is the hottest thing around.

Granite has no problem sharing his physical love with Willy, but he isn't sure about emotions. Micah has the opposite problem with the man she's learning the art of love from; Commander West has all of the old prejudices against manufactured people, and Micah isn't sure how to fight them. Can she and brother Granite both learn how to express their love the right way, before the dangers of intergalactic war overwhelms them?


With a concentrated effort, Willy managed to ignore his new work mate and her incessant chirping. He allowed himself a faint smile as he thought about her excitement for their work. She'd been so eager to please and so bubbly.

Had he not been so nervous about his feelings for her brother, he would have warmed up to Micah right away. It didn't take long to learn that they had much in common. In fact, he was pleased with the nickname she'd tagged him with. He'd never had a nickname before.

Somehow he'd gotten through the hours of work and dinner and finally, the hours of evening nothingness. If it weren't for his thoughts of her brother, Willy would have taken Micah up on her invitation to dinner and gotten to know her better. Instead, he watched the clock, fretting and thinking. As the time grew later, Willy became more and more agitated.

He steeled his resolve. Tonight, he was going to do it. This mission was six excruciating months old, and he had to get closer to Granite Bayonne. He couldn't help it--he had to. He knew it was reckless, but he couldn't fight the feelings anymore.

At twenty three hundred and twenty hours, nearly midnight, ship's time, Wilhelm spoke to the computer. "Computer, status of Lieutenant Commander Granite Bayonne."

"Lieutenant Commander Bayonne is alone in his quarters. Heart rate and respiration activity indicate sleep."

"Request site-to-site transport, dim lights to two percent and return on activation."

Only officers above the rank of Lieutenant had the ability to transport in this automatic fashion, to say nothing of altering the other man's quarters' atmosphere. As it happened, Wilhelm Schmidt was a computer geek and could reprogram anything. He'd already given himself the ability to transport. He'd been creative enough to ensure that nobody would find out that he'd done it.

Willy materialized inside Granite Bayonne's bedroom doorway and edged a step closer to the bed. If the room's occupant moved he would leave immediately, no questions asked. The light was almost non-existent, he'd made sure of that, but he could see as well as he needed to.

Listening to the sleeping man's even breathing, Willy relaxed. He was safe. He stood where he was for a few minutes reveling in the fact that he was so close to his heart's desire. The first time he'd laid eyes on him, he'd felt the magnetic pull of attraction. As time passed, it turned into obsession. If pressed, Willy would have had to confess he cared about, and maybe even loved, Granite Bayonne.

After several minutes, Willy edged closer to the bed. Granite rolled over onto his back, startling him. Willy stood silent again, listening to the other man's regular breathing and finally relaxed.

Fifteen minutes had passed and eventually, Willy stood at the edge of the bed with his fingertips resting on the mattress. Carefully, he leaned forward, hoping for a better look at the object of his fantasies.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60370-899-9
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 12/26/2009
Publisher: Torquere Press

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