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Touch Of Blue

Author(s): Michael Davis

Riggs, a retired Intel officer, is forced on a mission to help a government he despises expand their control into new regions of space. He discovers the truth about his wife, what’s happening on Adora Prime, and humanity’s ultimate destiny.


Logan shoved the glass back so quickly, the top quarter inch spilled on the desk. “I said no.” He pointed to the comms device. “I see you still enjoy twisting arms of those below you, Pax. You never learn, do you?”

“Shit, man. You’re not still holding me responsible for every screw up in your life, are you? I had nothing to do with your wife’s…”

“Bullshit! Bullshit, Paxton. You didn’t pull the switch but you delivered us to the devil himself. And now you’ve brought me back again, to help a government I don’t believe in. What do you plan to hold over me this time? You already took Cali. What, you think I give a shit about my life?”

Logan came across the desk. “You scar-faced piece of shit. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.”


Logan dropped to the floor and spasmed three times before going numb. He came to with scar-face leaning over the desk. “I figured it was 50/50 you’d react like that so I had them install the barrier.” He placed his pulse pistol back in its holster. “As for myself, I’d be just as happy to burn your head off, but I’m under strict orders from the council. You know, I shoot you, they shoot me. Everything for the common…”

Logan rubbed his chest. “Don’t say it. I’m sick of hearing that shit.” He used the desk to pull up and plopped back in the chair. “What makes them think I care what they want? They have no leverage. You of all people should understand that, or does ugly sink deeper than your face?”

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Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 06/06/2011
Publisher: Champagne Books

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