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Touching Moonlight

Author(s): Yolanda Sfetsos

Can secrets and passion unify the sun and the moon?

The morning Silver crosses paths with the beautiful blonde from an opposing species, everything he’s been raised to believe fades in comparison.  Intrigued by the lunar people, Sunny dared to question her own species, and in the process stumbles on an evil plan of betrayal from both sides.  Now Sunny and Silver need to depend on each other in order to help both species survive. Giving into their burning attraction only draws them closer together, and makes their differences strengthen their connection.


Silver walked around a large tree trunk. He paused. This couldn’t be. No one within this compound looked like this. Though, he knew exactly who did. But it was impossible. The solar people couldn’t go out into the night, just as the lunar couldn’t go out into the day. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” he called to the person shaking and sniffling. Not missing a step, he moved until he stood in front of her.        Brilliant amber eyes turned to meet his gaze. A mane of long, curled blonde hair shimmered even in this part of town. Her luminous skin, bronze from exposure to the sun shone under the sliver of moonlight seeping from above. She held something tight around her left hand, while her right reached helped keep it steady. What was she doing? The more he neared the more details he captured. Her raged breath broke into another sob. A combination of tears and sweat dirtied her pretty face, as well as her hair. She tried to say something, but the exertion cut her off every time. He stood above her, glared down. A silver chain was wrapped twice around her left hand. She tried to drag it upward without much success. The length littered along the underbrush and disappeared down one of the many dips in this land, all booby traps to catch out any intruders. Had her companion met a hasty slide down a hole? “What do you think you’re doing?” He knelled in front of her, ready to do whatever it took to keep his people safe. “Are you trying to break into our compound?”

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Genre: Science Fiction
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Publisher: Eternal Press

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