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Truth-Teller Rebellion

Author(s): Kenneth D. Schultz

In 4012, fossil fuels are exhausted and an ice age grips the earth. When two siblings see their parents swept away by a flood spawned by the glaciers that cover much of North America, they discover the truth of their parents’ past and are soon running for their own lives. To survive the assassins sent by Dictator Perez, they must learn to use the full extent of their powers and uncover the mysteries of their formidable family. 


“I can’t believe Wilsonites have survived this long in secrecy. Father never talked about it. Father asked me not to talk of Logos to others, but I didn’t realize it was part of a secret society.”
“I wish it were a secret. Many people are aware of it, but few know where Logos is located. Control of crucial computers has helped, but there is another thing. We’ve never had a traitor reveal where Logos is. The Commitment is required for someone to become a Wilsonite. Otherwise Perez could torture a Wilsonite and make them reveal where Logos is and any Wilsonites they might know.”
“Commitment? What do you mean?”
“The Commitment is a bio-neural implant inserted when you join the Wilsonite Program. If you are ever tortured to the degree you are going to reveal—anything—you will die. Your death will be painless, but nonetheless it will be death. So you must understand the gravity of the decision you’re making if you become a Wilsonite and go to Logos. This is not like choosing what color top you’re going to wear tomorrow.”
The thought of having anything put into his brain repelled Cary, much less something that could kill him. The Commitment was a stupid idea. “Why wouldn’t I, we, want to be as normal as possible? My eyes and truth-telling abilities already make me unusual, and I don’t particularly like being different. Why can’t I be like everyone else?”
“You’ll never be like everyone else. You’re too different. You can try to blend into the rest of society, but you’ll find it impossible, just like your father did. And if you don’t join the Wilsonites, you’ll never reach your full potential.”
“Potential for whom? Who is going to benefit from my being part of your program, by my going to Logos?” asked Cary.
“In a sense you are already part of the program, Cary. You’ve been part of it since your birth. I think, I hope, that all mankind will benefit from you becoming a Wilsonite.”
Cary looked at Aunt Julia and then stared at the ceiling.
“I don’t think you appreciate what you’ve done in creating me. Maybe being a truth-teller benefits society, but for me it is a type of hell.”

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Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 11/04/2013
Publisher: BURST

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