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Conquistadors in Outer Space: Ana's Interplanetary Conquest

Author(s): Cornelia Amiri

Forbidden love…so strong…it spans the universe.

Thrown off the Spanish estate she worked at all her life, Ana, a milkmaid, seeks a new life. Disguised as a rich widow, she boards a rocket, to be blasted out of a huge cannon, and targeted for the newly
discovered planet, X.  Sparks fly when she finds Ramon, the only man she ever loved, heir of the estate she worked on, is flying to Planet X as well. As the Spanish governor of Plant X searches for gold, the treasure Ramon seeks is Ana. His conquest is challenging, though he swears to protect and love her, as a noble he cannot marry a peasant. Ana cannot deny her desire for Ramon, but she will not be his mistress. Will his conquest of her heart succeed or will Ana make a life for herself alone amid the wonders and dangers of Planet X.

A woman crawled out of the hold. "Blow it! I'm not going down with the airship." Gritting his teeth against the chill downpour, Ramon glanced at the strange lady. A howling wind swept the rocking deck and snatched the wavering, black-clad woman. She grabbed the rail to save her life before the gush could toss her overboard. Then the ship heaved and she lost her grip. Her screech of terror vibrated in the air even with the roaring turbulence.

"By all the saints." Ramon pivoted forward, grabbing the woman's waist, he yanked her against him, and saved her from a fall to her death. "Get down below," he shouted against the furry of the wind. She ripped the wet veil from her face and gasped, her eyes widened in shock. Something about her jogged Ramon's memory, but the pounding rain obscured the details of her features. Some type of flying debris struck the woman's forehead, but Ramon managed to hold onto both the rail and the lady, now limp in his arms. When a sailor latched a hemp rope from one side of the ship rail to the other, Ramon grabbed it, waded across to the hold, and crawled inside, still cradling the slender lady. As the ship rode the rumbling storm outside, inside the hold the thrashing and hissing of pistons, gears, and steam rattled his ears. He had not thought it possible, but the din sounded noisier than the back streets of Seville. He lifted his hand from the woman's head, glancing at the scarlet splash of fresh blood on his palm.

"The dama bleeds. Is there a physician on board?" A man, who declared he was a surgeon, took over her care. "The wound is slight. She shall soon awake." In a ponderous tone the surgeon added, "I always thought of the widow as elderly. Who would have known she was so young?"The woman released a long, low moan. "I am at a loss to comment on her age for I do not know the dama. I was but blessed with the good fortune to be there in her time of need." Ramon had hoped for a real doctor, surgeons were always cutting off an arm or a leg, so he stayed nearby in case the woman needed rescuing from the surgeon. With a deep rumbling cough the surgeon cleared his throat. "No doubt the widow will want to thank the man who saved her life." "Si, I would like to wish her a swift recovery." He’d rescued a woman. He smiled brightly as he knelt at the lady’s side. Ramon stiffened, his smile faded. He could not breathe, his heart raced from shock. “Ana?" She cupped her forehead. "Don Ramon you have my undying gratitude. Indeed you saved my life. Do forgive me, but I feel the need to rest. I will join you later to speak of old times." He noticed her sad, half-smile. "Indeed. I look forward to speaking with you, Senora Reyes."Ana rolled her eyes downward and whispered, "Ave Maria." She turned her face to the wall.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728794
Genre: Steampunk
Date Published: 02/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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