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Black Rose, The

Author(s): Skyler Grey

Want a man in uniform to serve and protect?

Emily Knolls, came to Tampa, Florida to find herself. Being from a small town, the shy wallflower unexpectedly becomes the object of a highly sought after serial killer. It's not until hunky officer Andrew Rossi shows up on the scene that Emily finally starts to break out of her shell.

Will Andrew be able to protect Emily from a man that until now, has been impossible to find?

Or will Emily fall into the hands of a sadistic killer, only to become his next victim?



Emily dropped the card and it fell to the table as she reached for the phone and dialed the police. An hour later, a patrol officer pulled up on a motorcycle.

She rushed to open the door. Flustered and nervous, Emily had forgotten to dress.

The policeman stepped inside and looked her up and down before nodding.

Emily blushed as his eyes, a rich chocolate draped in long dark lashes, watched her closely. He was clean-shaven and extremely handsome.

She caught the slight annoyance of his tone as he began to question her. "Are you, Ms Knolls?" He rested one hand on the hilt of his gun.

Emily felt her temper flare. For the first time since she could remember, she became really pissed. Narrowing her eyes, she stepped closer to the uniformed officer. Cocking her hip, she furrowed her brows in anger. "Let's get something straight, Deputy Donut. I called you out here because I'm scared. Someone is stalking me. I live here with no family, no friends. And I'm afraid. Really, afraid. I'm sorry if I pulled you away from your Crispy Crme. But I thought, it was your job to serve and protect. "

The cop stood stunned as he looked at her. To Emily's surprise, he grinned and then chuckled. "You're right, I'm sorry, MissI didn't mean to insult you. I've been on duty for almost fourteen hours. I'm tired and actually, it wasn't donuts you pulled me away from, it was my coffee."

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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 11/15/2007
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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