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Pirates in Paradise

Author(s): Linn Random

To keep her sister safe, Haley Rollins assumes her twin sister’s identity. She’s on the run from a Drug Carte and the FBI with a handsome modern day pirate. Can she trust him trust him with her secret or her heart?


The Bronco made a hairpin turn coming to a full stop directly in front of them. 

Haley glimpsed a silhouette of a broad shouldered man dominating the driver’s side of the vehicle.  The driver sat motionless.  Time stopped.  A frightening premonition swept over Haley; warning her with a fresh new fear, she couldn’t name.  Somewhere deep inside her, she knew that from this moment forward, nothing would ever be same again.

The door opened.  A tall man stepped out and headed toward them in a catlike stride.   Dressed in a black T-shirt and black jeans, his skin glistened bronze in the moonlight, Haley caught her breath at the broad shoulders.  He was menacing and she knew to be afraid.  He made no attempt to conceal the restless energy in his muscular physique.   Watching his approach, Haley said under her breath.  “This is your friend?”

“That’s him,” Frank answered with a hard gasp of air. 

Stepping under a streetlight, the stranger’s short, dark cropped hair glistened in the yellow-white light.  A light breeze ruffled one lock forward and he swept it back with a large hand.  

Haley noted his classically handsome face, his aquiline nose and square jaw.  Darkness obscured the color of his eyes.  Small drops of moisture clung to his damp forehead and she saw an inherent strength that seemed vaguely familiar. 

Hardly giving Haley a glance, he jumped without being asked into the boat.  With the craggy look of an unfinished sculpture, he bent his head down to take a better look at Frank’s arm.  “You didn’t tell me you were shot.”

“Yeah, well, you can drop me off at the hospital then get out of town.  By the way, this is Jenna Rollins.   Jenna, this is the infamous Captain Jack Morgan.”

With the moonlight against Jack’s profile, he stood well over six foot, and possessed a sensuality that was almost frightening.  He nodded at her.  His generous lips parted to give her a dazzling display of straight white teeth.

Haley stood stupidly still, knowing she was the source of this night’s evils.  She looked down and away.  Men had died because of Jenna’s lies and her silence.  She could think of nothing to say that would make up for her duplicity.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9776955-1-4
ISBN (Electronic): 0-9776955-8-1
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 06/01/2006
Publisher: Sanibel Press

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