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Portal to Murder

Author(s): Michele Acker

A man with his head shoved into a toilet, simple murder or something far more sinister?

In the middle of the 21st century, felon Michael Spinner is given the chance of a lifetime—he can redeem his future by traveling back in time to kill the man who ruined his life. Meanwhile, at the start of the 21st century, homicide detective Jennifer Castle is stymied by an impossible case. Several people—including a pregnant woman and her unborn child—have been killed by a weapon that just doesn't exist.
It doesn't take Michael long to realize that Jennifer is the one woman who can thwart his plans. She seems to be at the nexus of time travel itself—unwittingly connected to him by the unspoken circumstances of her birth. As the bodies pile up around her, Jennifer finds herself caught in a battle of wits against an elusive killer from the future who seems determined to destroy her career, her love life, and her family.
If Jennifer keeps getting in his way, can Michael kill her without causing his own destruction?



Roman and his lackey stopped just short of the table. John inclined his head in greeting. “Roman.” He didn’t make any attempt to ask after Roman’s health or apologize for past mistakes. It wouldn’t have done any good. Roman had been known to blow someone away just for opening his mouth.
“You know,” Roman said, his voice a hoarse rasp, “I could kill you now and no one would either notice or care.”
“Not necessarily.” John made a small slicing gesture. A bullet chunked into the oil soaked concrete feet from where Roman and his bodyguard stood. Roman didn’t flinch, but the bodyguard, a gun already in his hand, dropped to a crouch, searching for the shooter. The man was fast, but not fast enough. “Sure you could kill me, but you’d never make it out of here alive.”
A smile stretched Roman’s face for a brief instant. “Impressive. You learned something in prison after all. But you underestimate me yet again, my friend. First of all, what makes you think I care if I don’t make it out alive?” He gestured to his legs. “In my condition, death would be a blessing, especially if I have a chance to kill you first.”
This wasn’t going quite the way John expected. He tried to stay calm. Like a dog, Roman could smell fear. He tried a bluff. “But you won’t. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to hear what I had to say. Did you do as I suggested?”
Roman stared at him for a moment then gestured. The Asian straightened, strode to the car and extracted a leather case. A lap top.
“Put it on the table.”
The Asian looked to Roman who nodded. “Do as the man says.” While the lap top powered up, Roman looked John over. “So, what should I call you now? Chrome intimated you’d changed your name, though he failed to give me the new one. Allegiance to one’s friends is to be admired. However, if I find you’ve lied to me, I just might have to do something about misplaced loyalty.”
John shivered at the very real threat. Roman had never been good at subtlety. Perhaps he should warn Chrome to watch his back. He just hoped things went well, for both their sakes. “The name’s Wheeler, John Wheeler.”
Roman nodded. “Ah yes, Wheeler. Taken, of course, from your old gang name. Quite fitting. I see Mr. Chow has the computer ready. Shall we sit?”John smiled inwardly. Roman liked to take charge of things. If it made him feel comfortable and in control; John had no objections.
Mr. Chow helped Roman sit in front of the computer. John slid the chip into the slot, called up the photos and pulled over the other chair and sat to Roman’s left. Mr. Chow leaned over Roman’s right shoulder. “These pictures were taken in 1963 in Dallas Texas. I’m sure you’ll recognize the subject.”
A long moment of silence as Roman scrolled through the pictures, then a loud gasp of surprise from both men. Roman turned to John, a slightly wild look on his face. “How do I know they aren’t fakes? That picture of the killer? No one ever suspected him. If those are real, the implications could be… staggering.”
“Please. Check them out for yourself.” He vacated his chair and offered it to the Asian. “That’s why I suggested you install some sort of digital image validation software.” Roman nodded at Mr. Chow who sat in the empty chair and pulled the laptop in front of him. After several minutes of intense work, Mr. Chow turned and nodded back at Roman.
Roman’s smile looked almost sincere. “I’m impressed. Where did you get them?”
John smiled, completely at ease now that his own fears had been erased. He’d known they were real, but it was nice to be completely sure. “That’s why I brought you here, so I could tell you. The lab where I work? They’ve been conducting secret experiments for years.”
“What kind of experiments?”
“Time travel. They’ve discovered time travel.”

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Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 12/01/2011
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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