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Run to You

Author(s): Lynne King

Blackmail, robbery and murder has her running scared but who can she trust?
Liz is on a temporary transfer from her secretary job in London to the Manhattan branch, New York. Running from a troubled past, she is seeking a fresh start. A staged chance meeting in a bar with the dangerous Shaun ORiley and the direction her life takes on is one of blackmail, robbery and murder.

In a foreign country away from family and with no place to hide, Liz turns to the only man whom she feels might be willing to listen and believe in her innocence.

Jack Willis, a robbery/homicide detective has encountered Elizabeth on several occasions - she is linked to a suspected blackmailer, she reports an assault on her neighbor and a few days later he finds himself interviewing her at the scene of a bank heist. Jack doesnt believe in coincidences, so when the hysterical call comes through on his private line claiming she has witnessed a murder and she needs his help, Jack has a big problem on his hands. Does he succumb to the attraction he knows is mutual or cart her pretty arse off to jail?

She stepped aside and allowed him into her apartment. He closed the door behind him.
Im sorry, but yesterday I felt you were about to tell me something before we were interrupted.

She shook her head. No, you thought wrong. Theres no more to tell. For a mad moment she thought about motioning with her eyes or scribbling something down. Sanity reined her in. Shaun wouldnt hesitate in pulling the trigger and Jack Willis would be dead.

Well I thought Id let you know, three more bodies have turned up. Someone is making sure to eliminate all potential liabilities.

Her hand automatically covered her mouth. She could feel the bile rising and couldnt trust herself not to be sick there and then. It was the same word that Shaun had used, a liability. Thats what she was now.

Miss Saunders, Im offering that hand now but this is your last chance. Have you anything to tell me. He went to touch her arm but she backed away from the contact.

I told you no, her voice was raised and she found herself marching to the door and opening it up wide. I think you should leave, Detective. His silence was more unnerving making her want to drag him out the door.

Finally he spoke. Okay. One last thing, Shaun ORiley, I believe he is a friend of yours. You no need to answer that but information has come my way that he was blackmailing Mark Hunter.

I dont know what you are talking about, please leave. She glanced toward the bathroom door. It had opened wider. She even thought she could see the barrel of the gun against the doorframe.

Reluctantly he walked out the door; the familiar warm intensity of his gaze now replaced by suspicion and disappointment. Liz felt he now viewed her differently and not as a victim.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615724338
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 07/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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