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Shadow of a Honeybun

Author(s): Sam Cheever

She's a party girl. He's serious as a bullet. It's a damn good thing that opposites attract!
Dolfe Honeybun is a bad boy. Skimming the dark edges of society in his job as a private detective, he’s seen way too much of the dark side of human behavior and become cynical. So when he catches the pretty black woman with mischievous, golden brown eyes sitting in the middle of his crime scene, he’s just not happy to see her, despite a delicious tightening low in his gut when he gets too close. 
Blaise Runa likes to push the envelope. But her party girl ways are destined to come back to bite her. Blaise doesn’t take anything seriously. Unfortunately for her, serious, in a truly yummy form, is about to settle around her like a dark fog. And he’s already not amused by her antics. 


Dolfe sucked in a breath as her long, perfectly-padded body pressed against his. His eyes nearly rolled back in his head under a wave of lust. Her scent rolled over him, warm and sweet and loin-clenching, despite the foul stench of their surroundings. 
But the body lying on the floor just ten feet in front of them put a definite crimp in the lustful thoughts his mind wanted to indulge in. He patted her hip. “Stay here.” He didn’t wait to see if she listened, but wasn’t surprised, as he leaned over the body to check for a pulse, to find her sweet smelling hair tickling his cheek from over his shoulder. 
“Is he dead?”
Dolfe tugged the man’s suit coat to the side and found the bleeding hole created from a bullet at close range. It had gone right into his heart. “Stay. The word means remain in one place…do not move…abstain from traveling.”
She reached a finger toward the hole. He grabbed it before she could touch the body. “Is that a bullet hole?”
Dolfe turned his head. “Are you on medication?”
She snorted. 
“No, really. Your boyfriend was just killed right under your nose and all you want to do is poke your finger into the hole?”
She shrugged, standing. “I wasn’t gonna poke my finger into the hole. I just wanted to see if his chest was moving. Besides, he’s not my boyfriend, I just met him at a party tonight.”
“He has no pulse and his chest isn’t moving. He’s dead.” Dolfe stood too, his green gaze spearing her with disdain. “You just met the guy and you let him bring you to a drug deal in an abandoned meth lab?”
She frowned. “I thought we were going to the Pancake Palace for blueberry crepes.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781301579808
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Date Published: 10/17/2013
Publisher: Sam Cheever

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