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The Lion Awakens

Author(s): Buffy Andrews

 Two worlds, two teens, two destinies... 

For thirteen years, Annie Lange and David McClure believed their parents were killed in fiery car crashes. They learn the truth about the past when they find hidden messages in anonymous gifts left on their front porches. The notes lead them to a mentor who helps them discover and master their special powers, powers they will need if they have any chance of saving their world from the tyrant Goliath.

When the lion awakens, their world is forever changed...


 A montage of Annie’s life flashed through her mind. She was four and her mom tucked her into bed and sang her a soft lullaby. At her mother’s funeral with flowers everywhere and her dad crying. Second grade and upset because she didn’t have a mom who could take her to the mother-daughter tea at church. First time going bra shopping and making her dad wait in the men’s section. Slipping in the cafeteria and being laughed at by the cool girls. Finding the gift on the porch, wrapped in her favorite colors.

Annie’s eyes widened as she stared at the screen. She clutched her thumping heart. She was scared, and curious, and unsure of whether she should get her dad. Then her mom spoke and Annie was hypnotized by her calm and loving voice.
“My darling, Annie, I wish I could be there right now to hug you, and hold you, and tell you this. But you know we don’t always get the things we wish for. If you’re watching this, then Peter and Gabe fear you’re in danger. Listen carefully. Along with the video, you should have received a silver ring. Wear this ring on the middle finger of your right hand. It will, along with the Latin phrase a posse ad esse, give you access to our headquarters. 

“I know you must be terribly confused, and I apologize for all the secrecy. But if you do what I tell you, Peter and Gabe will explain everything. I promise. There’s an old brownstone next to the library in town. It has a stained-glass window in the door in the shape of a Celtic knot. Go to this building. There’ll be a faux doorbell on the right. Flip open the doorbell, and hold the face of your ring up to the sensor, and say into the tiny speaker, ‘a posse ad esse.’ The door will open and they’ll know you’ve arrived. Please, don’t tell your dad. It’s for his safety and protection. Everything I did was to save you both. I had no choice. But now you must know the truth, so you’re able to save the world in which you live. I love you, Annie.” 

Then the video went black and the memory stick melted.

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