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Zombie, Interrupted

Reanimated Readz - Book 1

Author(s): Rusty Fischer

As a zombie, Reggie is used to people asking questions. But when his ex-girlfriend Julia decides to play reporter and record his “confession,” Reggie decides to turn her exposé into a true crime story—with Julia at his side!


“Reggie?” she asks, waving the white voice recorder in my face. “Come back to earth.”

There is an urgency in her voice that grates, as if she can’t stand me looking anywhere but at her.

It was the same way when we were dating, once upon a time. We had to stop going to movies because she got tweaked if I, you know, wanted to see what Jason Bourne or Iron Man or Captain America were actually doing.

I sigh and turn back to her, not sure why I agreed to all this.

“Well, ask better questions,” I blurt. “You could have gotten all this crap off the Reanimation Relocation website, Julia.”

She makes that fake smile of hers and says, “Yeah, but this way I get to say I interviewed a real zombie, you know?”

I flinch; she ignores it. I remind her, “You know we prefer the term ‘cranially challenged,’ Julia.”

“Yeah, like the Hillcrest High Gazette is going to print that.

I cock my head, feeling the tendons tighten around my throat. “Are you sure they’re going to print any of this? I mean, just because they let me back into school doesn’t mean they’re going to let you write about me. And even if they do, they may want to wait until my probationary period is over next month.”

She gives me her know-it-all face and waves away my self-doubt. “I’m Editor-in-Chief. They have to print it.”

Before I can ask “Print what?” she settles back into the booth and gets a predatory gleam in her eye.

“So, Reggie, take me back to that night. What was it like to lose your whole family and survive?”

I glower at her, clenching my fists atop the tiny black table. I take a sip of my frothy, sugary drink to put my rage on pause. My counselor at the Relocation Camp says I’m going to have problems with rage control for the next few months. I guess this is one of those times.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-220-7
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 02/27/2012
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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