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A BDSM Menage Fairy Tale

Author(s): Giselle Renarde

A monk lives in the middle of a mountain range, with a maiden called Jungfrau on one side and an ogre, Eiger, on the other.  In the guise of protecting Jungfrau, Monche offers to keep her safe in his cavern.  Little does she know the monk is only using her as bait to attract the ogre next door.  When Eiger arrives, will he rescue the damsel in distress or teach Monche a once-in-a-lifetime lesson?

Warnings: This adult fairy tale contains BDSM, rope bondage, cock cages, mythical beings, and MMF menage. 

Word Count: 3,300


“Maiden,” Monche said.  His impulses raged below the surface, but he kept his need in check as a monk must do.  “Maiden, are you not concerned for your safety, all alone on this mountain?”

Her eyes grew round and wide. “What is there to be frightened of?”

“The ogre,” Monche blurted.  “I don’t mean to alarm you, but he is a beast of a man and lives on the peak next to mine.  I would never forgive myself if I failed to keep you safe.”

Jungfrau nodded slowly, and then gazed up at her house on the hill.  “Will the ogre find me there?”

“He could.”  Monche’s heart raced.  “And, worse yet, the ogre has the power to enchant you.  You cannot trust your own senses, dear maiden.  You might give yourself to him and not know why.”

The edelweiss fell from her hands.  “Oh dear,” she said.  “What can I do to prevent such an attack?”

“Come with me,” the monk suggested.  “I will keep you safe.”

Jungfrau gazed longingly at her mountain, and sighed in resignation.  When she took his hand and followed, Monche’s groin ached most devilishly.

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Genre: BDSM
Date Published: 09/30/2013
Publisher: Giselle Renarde

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