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Points of View

Author(s): Tony Thorne

Blind young Londoner, Horace Mayberry, can only dream about being a secret agent, until he acquires intelligent artificial eyes with superhuman abilities and is recruited into a secret government department.What if you were blind, and suddenly the government offered you a way to see again by supplying you with high-tech eyes, known as intelligent Nanotronic BioVision, allowing you to see the world, literally, in a whole new way?
In return, you are to use your new points of view to serve your country, however you are asked. In the meantime, other people want to take advantage of your unique abilities as well. How do you keep yourself safe while you decide
who you can trust?
That is precisely the position faced by young Horace Mayberry, the central character of this new novel, Points of View. Tony Thorne, an English design engineer who earned an MBE from the Queen for his expertise, uses his knowledge
of cutting edge technology to fashion a fascinating technological thriller, replete with missions, kidnapping and intrigue, just barely in the future.
With lots of authentic detail, set in London, the Channel Island of Guernsey and the Canary Island of Tenerife, Points of View is believable and absorbing.


Agent Mayberry gave the jumpjet fighter a litle less thrust, and then checked his location on the viewing screen. There was only featureless desert below him, but the scrolling map on the screen was now indicating that the pyramid was about twenty five miles ahead. He lowered his airspeed again and began to reduce height. Seconds later there it was, with the oasis beside it, and a few tents erected around that. A crackling sound came from the headphones in his helmet, and then,
“Carrier Base One here. A couple of enemy MIGs took off about ten minutes ago, and are now heading in your direction. You should have about forty five minutes, before they get anywhere near you.”
“Okay Base, that‘s time enough, I’m going in now... over and out.”
He reached forward and then armed all four air-to-surface missiles, one after the other, with his gloved thumb.
He circled the fighter around and set his sights about halfway up the hollow pyramid which contained, he knew from his briefing, the enemy’s store of deadly biological weapons of mass destruction.
He was grimly pleased to see its occupants suddenly streaming out from a door in its base. Agent Mayberry had no quarrel with them. They must have realized that their secret store had been discovered, and what was about to happen to it. All they wanted now, was to frantically to get away to safety.
He circled the pyramid once more and then headed directly towards it. Nobody else was coming out of the door so he hoped it was now totally vacated. He realigned his weapons sights up to the middle of the pyramid, and then pressed the firing buttons for all four missiles. He watched them streak away successfully and head towards their target. Seconds later, as he banked the fighter over and away, they hit the target one after the other and exploded violently. He looped the fighter up and over and then watched, as the top of the pyramid lifted up slowly, turned over and then began to slide down over what remained of its base. Satisfied, he spoke again into his microphone, “Target located and destroyed, returning to base now.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727322
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 08/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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