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Love's Eternal Hope

Author(s): Amber Dawn Bell

"Love's Eternal Hope" is the deeply emotional tale of Hope Lacey as
she recovers from losing everything in a bitter divorce. A wish upon a
Cherokee Christmas ornament, a nunne'hi, transports her back to her
true love, Wolf. See what happens in this lyrical tale of "Love's
Eternal Hope."
Amber Dawn Bell writes a superb time travel demonstrating how the
power of love transcends time. The attraction between Hope and Wolf is
instantaneous as the reader is carried back into a different time. The
intricate details make this tale come alive and the reader will cheer
for Hope as she overcomes the depths of despair caused by her divorce.
She rolled her eyes as he continued to bore his eyes into hers. "Fine.
I'll stay."
He knelt, grabbed her by the shoulders, and gave her a firm shake.
"You will stay."
Her eyes widened and she gulped. Warm breath fanned across her heated
cheeks. The smell of earth mixed with traces of leather drifted into
her senses. Shudders radiated through her body from the intensity in
his chocolate eyes, and heat rippled under her skin from his touch.
She licked her dry lips, and his eyes dropped to follow the motion of
her tongue. She gulped again.
Releasing her arms, he cupped her chin in his strong hand and tilted
her head back. Her heart jolted and her pulse pounded as he traced the
contours of her face. Tremors of arousal arced through her. A low
growl sounded deep in his throat, then he stood and stormed out the
Hope released the breath she unknowingly held. Had he been about to
kiss her? His full sensuous lips had hovered so close to hers she
could have stuck out her tongue and tasted what he had to offer.
Covering her face with her hands, she shook her head. She'd behaved
like some horny teenager controlled by raging hormones. Oh well, in a
dream, she should be allowed her fantasies.

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-1-8
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Time Travel
Date Published: 12/01/2006

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