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The Ghost of Grover's Ridge

Author(s): James Hartley

Out of work paranormal investigator Ken Parker arrives in Groverton. He meets and falls in love with cute red-headed Jinny Talbot. He gradually realizes that there is magic in the town, good witches and evil warlocks, and sees a war looming between the two. He discovers that his girlfriend Jinny is a witch, and more surprisingly, that he himself is too. As battle with the warlocks draws nears, Ken joins with Jinny and the witch covens to fight the warlocks and the Ghost of Mordecai Grover.


Please forgive me, Ken, she said, the ceiling lights sparkling in the tears forming in her eyes. I wanted to protect you. We're expecting bad things to happen, terrible things. I thought if you knew nothing of it you would be safe. I could sense that if you knew of the upcoming battle you would want to join in with memy friendsmy fellow witches.

Ken grabbed her and kissed her. Jinny, Jinny! Of course I would want to join in with, with, who are these other witches? He turned to look at Violet, stared a minute, then said, You're a witch too?

Well, duh! she replied.

Ken continued, I imagine a lot of the people in town are witches too, aren't they. Your grandmother, Mr. Brentwood

Jinny interrupted him. My grandmother, yes, but not Mr. Brentwood. Most witches are female, male witches are very rare. Right now there is only one male witch in all of Groverton.

One? Ken asked. Who is it? Anyone I've met?

Violet broke in, saying, Is he always this dense, Jinny? She turned to Ken and continued, It's you, dummy! You're a witch, and if you'll stop denying your abilities, a very powerful witch at that!

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926931-03-6
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Date Published: 10/01/2010
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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