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The Protector

Author(s): Ambrielle Kirk

 A Blood Legends Novel, 1

It only takes one to reverse the fate of all. She alone holds the powers to keep the forces of evil at bay. Her sacrifice for humanity may include her life.

Mona Laveaux is unaware that she is part of an ancient legacy—the product of a union between a powerful witch and a Protector. Life-altering events, including the death of her guardian, lead her on a quest of self-discovery. Fate guides her to cross paths with Xander and Hunter—the Hero Twins reincarnated. Through them, she learns the purpose of her existence, both of her life and of her heart. But, with both brothers competing for her love, Mona has everything to lose and hardly anything to gain. All her decisions, including choosing one brother over the other, could mean losing humanity to the Apocalypse. Xander and Hunter must form an alliance to defeat the Lords of the Underworld. But their fight for power—and Mona—just might keep them divided.


    Mona glanced over her shoulder toward a splash in the water. Had someone else joined her in the lake? The others wouldn't dare to spy on her while she bathed, or at least she hoped.

      She lifted her noise to the air. The smell was familiar. Masculine and rich with testosterone. Mona smiled. Only one other would dare approach her like this. She turned her back just as she felt the person move closer to her.


      “How did you find me here?” she asked, reaching up to smooth the skin across her back. There was no answer, but yet the closer he came, the more aware of his scent she became.


      Large masculine hands took the soap pouch from her hand. As she relinquished it, her fingers brushed rough and calloused palms. Something like that should have repulsed her, but yet it felt good under her touch. She let him rub the pouch across her skin.


      “Feels good,” she moaned, closed her eyes, and reminisced how Xander's talented fingers had learned every nook, cranny, and curve of her body yesterday on the bed.


      His touch was gentle and icy while they were in bed. This evening his touch was determined and warm. Every time she found herself awake from her nap yesterday, all she could remember was what the other werewolves had said: Invite him into your bed, Mona, and you condemn him to deathgrounds for a death hunt.


      It was the only thing that kept her from pulling him into her bedroom again to finish what they had started. But she didn't want him dead. The threat seemed like a serious one.


      His hands replaced the soap pouch as he smoothed the soapy suds across her skin.


      “You know how I already feel, but I would never risk your life. I don't want to think about what would happen if you and I were to…” She sucked her breath in as his calloused fingers touched the underside of her breasts. “You push me way too far, toward the edge. If we don't keep away from each other we will eventually fall over it.”


      His response was warm breath against her shoulders as he smoothed his large palms down her waist. He gathered up some water in his hands and let it cascade over her shoulders. Mona lifted her hair in the front, so the strands wouldn't get wet. Hot soft lips brushed against the back of her neck. Arching her back, she pressed into his chest. She reached for his hands, which had encircled the small of her waist, leading his fingers past her abdomen to the plump tender flesh between her legs.


      A sharp intake of breath was his response.


      “Is this what you want?” she whispered, as he massaged her there. “You'd risk your life for this? For me?”


      “Yes.” Finally, his response was raspy and deep. His body vibrated as if another part of him wanted to emerge from somewhere deep inside. “I've finally found you in the last place I thought to ever look. We have much to discuss, you and I. Why don't you come with me to my place?”


      Mona closed her eyes and prayed her legs didn't give out from under her as he ran his fingers in and out of her slit.


      “What are you talking about, silly?” she managed. “I was at your place yesterday. The others are counting on us to leave for Texas in a few hours.”


      She shivered when he bent his head to kiss her shoulder, then he took a long swipe at it with her tongue.


      “I feel your wolf. It's only a matter of time.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-927368-47-3
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Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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