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Wicked Dance, The

Author(s): Cathleen Wilkins

Who is the man who is ready to dance his way into her life?

While she has always been alone and in control of everything it is all about to change. Someone will appear to change all of that.

Will she be ready for what happens next or will it be another beat in the night of dancing?




I empty my wine glass in one long swallow. I can wait no longer. I stalk eagerly out onto the dance floor and claim my space in the center. This is mine. My world, my floor, my kingdom. As it has always been since my first steps upon it.

The music is dark and driving. Many move quickly, following the faster pitch. I however, follow the bass and the words. Something low and tight in my body lights fire as I begin to move.

My body pulsates, I bend my knees, swiveling down to the floor and back up again, arms overhead and head back with my eyes closed as I seduce an imaginary lover. I let myself spin and sway. I let the music tell me how to move. Songs change but still I move on, thrilling in their seductive beats.

Sweat begins to dampen my hair and bead on my skin as I feed off the energy of the others around me. I see them follow my lead, slowing reaching for each other. Still I dance on alone, reveling in the eroticism of my world. Men crowd in on me, believing I am an open invitation. With a single glare I drive them away, scorning those that come too close. I do not want some panting fat boy or stoned out mess of a man anywhere near me tonight. If they touch me they will pay with pain.


I sense a presence near me. I open my eyes and see a man has intruded on my dance ritual now. I realize who it is and my heart skips a beat. No, not an intruder nor an unwanted invasion in my world. I’ve seen him before, lurking in the darkest corners. Always watching but never interacting. I’ve always thought him cold and arrogant, too detached. But that is not what I see now. True, he is still appears arrogant, but now his face is different. Intrigued? No, predatory. Yes, that’s it. He is a predator, as am I.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-049-4
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 11/15/2007
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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