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Taking Control

Author(s): Jo Ramsey

Reality Shift Book 4: Taking Control by Jo Ramsey
metaphysical urban fantasy young adult novel (approx. 60,000 words)
ISBN # 978-09834199-9-0
Cover Art by Winterheart Design

Jonah’s parents have always been supportive of his practices of energy healing, channeling, and yoga. However, they’re now trying to convince him to choose a different career path—and demanding that he find a part-time job. Meanwhile, it's becoming more common to see Shanna arriving at school with injuries, and when she’s suspended for walking out on the school social worker, her mother’s abuse goes from bad to worse. Shanna’s arm is broken, and Jonah persuades her to finally admit the truth.

With all that going on, it’s little wonder Jonah has nearly forgotten about the entity that’s trying to transmigrate to our universe. But when a substitute teacher at school seems able to drain energy, sickening another student, Jonah remembers the threat and knows he must take steps to raise the vibration of the person the entity intends to use as a portal.

It’s just that the potential portal isn’t who Jonah thinks…and when he finds the right person, he’s afraid he may be too late.


With a click of the mouse, I rotated the image on my computer screen and studied it. The twin nebulae I’d created with my graphics program hadn’t looked right side by side. Unfortunately, they didn’t look right vertical either. Maybe I needed to put something else with them.

I studied the image more closely, trying to decide what I needed to add, until Mom called, “Jonah! Your father’s on the phone.”

I hadn’t even heard the phone ring. Mom must have called Dad for a change. I suppressed my irritation at the interruption and rose from my chair. Maybe some time away from the computer would lead to a brainstorm about the image.

I saved the image as I’d left it, with the vertical nebulae, and went downstairs to the living room. Mom sat in her favorite faded, overstuffed armchair with the cordless phone in her hand. “Here he is,” she said into the phone.

She handed the receiver to me. Before I spoke, Dad said, “Jonah, what’s going on?”

“Not much,” I replied. I took a seat in my usual armchair, a less fluffy version of Mom’s, and folded my legs into lotus position so I’d be more comfortable. “I was working on an image.”

I knew he hadn’t been asking about my spare time activities. Dad didn’t do small talk. He had something on his mind, and I had to wonder whether I wanted to hear what he had to say.

“What’s this your mother said about you doing that energy healing stuff on kids from school?” he demanded.

I glared at Mom. I rarely mentioned energy healing or channeling around Dad. He wasn’t exactly closed-minded. He just didn’t understand energy work, which included channeling as well as healing, and I didn’t think he wanted to understand. I didn’t know why Mom had brought up the subject with him.

She didn’t seem to notice my glare, and Dad cleared his throat on the other end of the phone, indicating that he wanted an answer. “I haven’t been doing healing sessions on kids,” I told him, emphasizing the plural. “Just on my friend Shanna and one on another girl.”

“Which is more than one kid,” Dad countered. “Jonah, I don’t know much about this healing stuff of yours. Do you really think using it on people is a good idea?”

“That’s what it’s for, Dad.” I’d explained this to him several times before. “To help people.”

“People aren’t going to understand what you’re doing,” he said adamantly. “If you’re learning, that’s great. Learning new things is good. What are people going to think of you for doing all that stuff to other kids, though?”

“Why do I care?” My temper rose, and I reined it in. Being angry wouldn’t help with this discussion. I would only end up saying something disrespectful to Dad, which wouldn’t help me make my point. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment until calm spread through me. “I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. I know the healing works and can help people.”


I cut him off. “Dad, I appreciate your concern. Healing is something I’m going to keep doing. It’s important to me. Here’s Mom again.” I refused to engage with him in yet another debate about what I believed to be my life’s path. I’d gained skills in energy healing and channeling for a purpose, to help others, and I intended to do so regardless of my father’s opinion. His support would have been nice, though, and it hurt to realize he comprehended so little about my goals.

I held out the phone to Mom. She shook her head and didn’t reach for the receiver, so I set it on the phone stand and went back upstairs. My father had never really tried to learn anything about the energy healing I did, even though I’d done sessions with him, and he’d agreed they gave him a sense of peace and well-being. Of course, in his mind, he’d probably only been humoring me.

My parents had always encouraged my interests and areas of study, even when they didn’t fully understand them. Now apparently Dad had chosen to start encouraging me to give up something I found important. More than important. Those things were part of me.

I sat at my computer and tried again to determine what I’d done wrong with the image. My anger with Dad interfered. After a few minutes, I stopped trying and took my yoga mat out of the closet. Maybe practicing some yoga asana would help clear my mind.

I only went through three Sun Salutations before Mom came upstairs and stood in my doorway. For a moment, I continued my movements, waiting for her to speak. When she didn’t, I turned to look at her.

She frowned. “Your dad isn’t happy about the way you ended the conversation.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not very happy about the conversation,” I replied. I resumed my practice, beginning my fourth Sun Salutation with my arms straight above my head, palms together. “Healing is something I do, not anything strange or crazy.”

“You don’t have to tell me that.” She came in and sat on the edge of my bed. “How many healing sessions have you done with me? Your father isn’t saying give up healing and channeling. He’s just saying be careful who you do those things with. I have to say, I agree on that. A lot of people won’t understand. And I’m really concerned about your choice to do sessions with other teenagers. Their parents might be pretty upset if they found out.”

“Then I won’t talk to those people who don’t understand.” My voice came out muffled by the fact that I’d bent forward with my forehead pressed against my shins. “I had Julie’s father’s permission. I won’t ask Shanna’s mother, because she’d use it as another reason to punish Shanna.”

My best friend needed healing more than anyone else I knew, primarily because of her mother’s “punishment,” which frequently involved physical injury to Shanna. If she would only admit that her mother hurt her, I’d be able to help more. Unfortunately, we hadn’t yet reached that point, though several weeks earlier I’d seen enough to give Mom a reason to report Shanna’s situation to Child Protective. As far as we knew, they had yet to follow up with Shanna.


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