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The Anatomy of Vampires: Volume One

Of Light and Darkness / Central European Magic Regime Banned Literature

Author(s): Alistair Vlain

Charlotte Ruzikova studied the pages of this volume relentlessly in order to identify with her Vampire guardian, Valek, in the first installment of the Of Light and Darkness Series. Now, The Anatomy of Vampires: Volume One makes its way to your shelf. Follow the mysterious Alistair Vlain, as he ventures through the world of Occult cities, regimes, darkness, and magic. What happened before Vladislov’s genocide? What happened before Valek found Charlotte in the gutters of Prague? Will Alistair Vlain discover enough to reveal the conspiracies of the light, and ultimately avenge the name of the Vampire kind? Find out in this volume that has officially been banned by the Central European Magic Regime.


In this world of things both fantastic and “ordinary,” there has been some discrepancy on whether or not the two could peacefully coexist. The purpose of this text is to both educate and enlighten you of the reasoning, that despite the ongoing arguments of magical versus mortal, all things in this world are natural, and, in fact, all things natural are divine and no less evil than the various roaming animals or types of plant life.

Nothing proves this more than what makes up a Vampire; a creature who was once created in the image of God, transformed by darkness to take on the façade of the devil. They strike with the ferocity of cobras. They stalk with the grace of a wildcat. They possess keener instincts than a pack of wolves, and still, they somehow maintain human intelligence. The Vampire truly proves even in one body, both the human and bewitched spirit can exist, and therefore good and bad can find balance. A Vampire is nothing more than a man transformed. Some, like any mortal, will to do good things, and some, like any beast, will do bad things. But even in this topic, which has been whispered about for centuries among the mundane and the Occult kind, there still is no clear black and white.

In my travels, I have kept my head down and my words carefully selected. I have spoken to many and trusted few. The following pages will depict my carefully taken notes throughout the course of my journey. I have chosen utterances I believe to be truthful, for there have seemed many a hoax, lie, and exaggeration. I hope this volume will provide something of a guide to those who are lost—to those who seek the truth about the darkest corners of the Occult and of the world.

Law One, set by the Elven Order of the Central European Magic Regime, states no person bearing magic in their blood may make themselves known to human kind. I believe this hierarchy, which rules over Occult society, is afraid of what might happen if their coveted knowledge ever did reveal itself to mankind.

I believe in the conspiracy.
I believe even by exploring the darkness, I may shed some illumination on what might really be occurring in the shadows of night.
Proceed with caution. Some immortals are kind. Most are not, and they’ll find you when you least expect it.
Do not trust the night. Do not get too close. Mind the daylight. Look on, if they let you, for the world depends on the truth, and they covet the key to secrets untold.

~ Alistair Vlain

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-709-7
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 06/17/2014
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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