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Waking Echoes

Author(s): Donaya Hammond

Accepting yourself can be unusually difficult.

Taylor Calvin is a hardworking, intelligent high school student who’s been stretching herself a bit thin lately. This is not improved by the appearance of Tylianvornika, a ghost that claims to be Taylor from a previous life in another dimension, one she shared with her closest friends. Now Taylor must juggle daily problems that merely feel like the end of the world, along with memories and a persistent haunting concerning the actual ending of a world.



"I was wondering when you'd finally be free of distractions," said a girl's voice.

Taylor bolted back up. "Is–is someone there? Do I know you?" Half asleep, she wondered if she was dreaming. Oddly, she didn’t feel frightened. It was someone she remembered dimly, someone who could explain what had been happening all day…"Are you a, well, uh, a ghost?"…

"No – well, maybe. Sort of. It depends how you look at it." Taylor saw only a vague outline of a starved teenage girl, who sat at Taylor's desk and looked at her. "A more accurate description would be that I'm a memory. You can't see me very clearly yet, because the mist is just lifting. Give it time…I'm kind of a transfigured being. Did you think what happened today was a string of coincidences? They were echoes, Taylor Calvin. Your memories have been asleep, and they are awaking."

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: Young Adult
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Publisher: Eternal Press

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