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A Wicked Waltz

Author(s): Jude Johnson

Maggie Pearce denies her feelings when she meets her true soul mate in John Harrison. She strongly believes in the wedding vows she took with her stock broker husband, even though their relationship is dead. But when John Harrison comes to town with a film crew, circumstance throws them together again. Each must choose if it’s better to stay in their loveless relationships or gamble on A Wicked Waltz of fated love.


He picked up his big tumbler of bourbon and ice and headed for the patio doors, rolling his eyes in aggravation. Sudden impact with another body knocked the glass from his hand. Ice and bourbon showered a woman’s shoulder and neck down into the front of her dress. The vessel dropped to the carpet and bounced into darkness.
“Oh my God!” She gasped and stumbled into the table behind her, rattling glasses and sloshing liquids. “Damnit!”
“Sorry, sorry! Damn, I’m terribly sorry.” He didn’t know what to do with his hands. His first instinct was to brush away the ice, but he realized as he tried to start it wouldn’t be a good idea since it was all over her chest and into a lovely hint of cleavage.
He looked into green eyes framed with thick, long lashes and his heart stopped. “My God! Maggie, is it you?”
She gaped at him. “What are you doing here?”
“Obviously not holding my liquor securely.” He grinned. “Here for a film. Scheduled to be in town for the next three weeks, actually.”
“Who’s this, dearie?” Slightly slurring his words, a tall man appeared at her side. “What’djoo do, trip and knock some guy’s drink all over yourself? Can’t take you anywhere.”
“No, no, my fault,” John said. “I—”
He watched Maggie whirl around. “You’re right. I ran into him. This is John Harrison. Remember I told you we met in New York? John, this is my husband, Richard.”
Eyes narrowed, he extended his hand to John. “Call me Dick.”
“Indeed? I shall.” John smiled and followed social niceties with a firm handshake. “Maggie spoke of you.”
“You here on vacation?” Her husband put a possessive arm around Maggie’s waist.
ThatDickis digging his fingers into her like a cat claiming a mouse.“No, work. Filming a movie.” John gestured for his friends to come over. “May I introduce my co-stars? Michael Davies and Pete Ralston.”
“Well! Fack me pink and call me flamingo!” The Irishman grinned and rushed forward.
Oh shit! I forgot he was with us at that diner.
Pete threw his arms wide and managed to weasel Maggie free for a hug. “Deadly, Maggie.”
Eyes wide, a sudden flush reddened her cheeks.
Suspicious confusion played across her husband’s face. “Whaddee say?”
John clapped Ralston on the back and steered him away. He shot a warning look at his friend—Shut the fuck up, Pete—before turning back with a smile for the others. “Maggie and her friend were quite kind to share their booth with us in a crowded New York diner. Pete’s Irish slang is occasionally too colorful for his own good. He said, ‘Nice to see you again.’”
“Yeah, I’m scarlet. Apologies.” Behind him, Ralston’s voice held no hint of contrition.
Her husband clutched Maggie to his side again.
“Johnny, dahling?” Brigitte oozed up beside him. “Don’t tell me you know someone here?” She blinked her eyes, smiling as bright red lipstick rimmed her wide mouth. She slipped her hand through the crook of his elbow, hooking French manicured talons into the fabric of his sleeve.
He suppressed the urge to grimace. Maggie’s not the only captured prey…
“It is amazing how Johnny knows so many women wherever we go. They are all jealous of me, of course. I am Brigitte DuBois.” She extended her hand as a queen expecting a subject to kiss her ring.
That Dick—John knew he would always think of Maggie’s husband with those two words—looked at Brigitte’s hand for a moment, then clasped her fingers and shook them limply. Then he smirked and gestured to his right. “I have a great idea. Why don’t we push these tables together and be one big happy party? Won’t that be fun, honey?” He squeezed Maggie against his hip with every word.
John forced a pleasant expression and imagined how good it would feel to punch the man in the face. “Spot on, Dick—that is a splendid idea.”
He dared a look at Maggie while everyone agreed, hoping only she could read his thoughts. I’ll make it up to you. As soon as there’s a chance to get you alone on the dance floor.
Suggested Tags:ballroom dancing, waltz, contemporary, romance, love, trust, desire

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