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Celestial Dragon

Author(s): Ciara Gold

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When Zan Dane, ruler of Pelicosia, finds ninety-five woman for his men, he never dreams of finding his own mate. Exiled for daring to oppose the Burdven Empire, they have no women, no mates to regenerate their new kingdom and populate it with the sound of children until Zan Dane finds a way to travel across galaxies.

Chelian Kar is Deliphit, an outcast with supernatural powers. Though she is the daughter of the High Chancellor of Kel, Satobik laws prohibit her from having physical contact with anyone. While other young women are mated to men chosen by their fathers, Chelian has no such hope until Zan Dane soars into her life. With an offer of zeel, a commodity most men would die for, Zan Dane convinces her father to allow the union. Will his journey lead him to a treasure richer than zeel?

She dared a glance at his features. A deep frown marred his brow. Like a preying verdick, a poisonous insect stalking its victim, he began to circle her. She stood still, refusing to be baited by this man.

I am still at a loss to understand this affliction you claim, he said. I see skin the color of ripe telman fruit. Your eyes, when I am lucky enough to enjoy a glimpse, shine brighter than the moon of Meridar. Even your hair reminds me of spun mestik. I see perfection.

My affliction isnt visible. Her voice stumbled over the words, her throat tight. No one had ever paid her tribute before. His praise embarrassed her.

Nay. Tis apparently inside of you and enough to make most fear the very air you breathe. Pity. I do not fear you, fiolston. What I feel is better left for our mating.

Her eyes widened. She glared at the tips of his truscan boots. How dare he imply such a thing. Her heart hammered painfully within her breast. Why does he torment me with forbidden images?

Nock. Ill never be selected for mate, and if by some miracle I am, it would not be to you, Fen Dane. Youre far too bold.

Aye. But bold is a desired quality where I come from. He inched nearer, standing half a stone closer than the recommended perimeter of distance. Hooded lids could not mask the heat radiating from his eyes.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 1897261330
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 06/01/2006
Publisher: Champagne Books

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