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Dirty Water

Author(s): Richard Hacker

 An open and shut case of vandalism leaves more questions than answers for PI Nick Sibelius, as he untangles a knot of egomania, desire and greed. When entrepreneur Dan Hoyt makes a deal with virtual gaming icon, Izzy Zydeco, to partner in a desalination project Hoyt begins to count his money.  Unknown to Hoyt, his partner has bigger and more insidious plans, which involves betraying a major drug cartel and, in a twisted business strategy to build a customer base for desalinated water, contaminating the Austin water supply for the next century. Working with a covert Homeland Security agent and past love, MaryLou and his new partner, Theresa, Nick must thwart Izzy and ultimately choose between justice and saving Theresa’s life.  
Water is up for grabs in Texas and Nick discovers it’s a dirty business.

“I’ve been attacked again. The goddamn motherfucker broke into my house and attacked me!”

“Okay, okay. You’re calling, so that’s good. Did you get a good look at him?”

“There were three of the bastards. And yes, I got a good look at ‘em alright. I smashed the holy shit out of one of the fuckers with my bat.”

“Whoa. Hold on Hoyt. Are you telling me you killed one of them?

“Damn straight. And the other two bastards are locked in my closet.”

“Have you called the police yet?”

“Police? Hell no! We’re going to deal with this, Nick. Whoever is fucking with me is going to feel the hurt.”

“If you killed one of them, you need to call the police. You can’t hide something like that from the cops, Hoyt.”

“Why the hell not? Shit, I ate one of those bastards for dinner just last week.”

“Wait, Hoyt. I can see you doing all kinds of crazy things, but cannibalism? What exactly did you kill?”

“A lobster! A fucking psychopathic hit lobster from hell. I mean this sonofabitch and his compadres had it in for me. Jesus.”

The silence on the line lasted long enough for Hoyt to wonder if Nick had hung up on him.

“A lobster. You woke me at three in the morning about a lobster.”

“Don’t you think it’s an odd coincidence to have my Ferrari soiled with God only knows what and then somebody plants killer lobsters in my bed? Those bastards could have taken the family jewels.”

“I don’t think lobsters can open safes, Hoyt.”

“Not those jewels, myjewels. So here’s the plan. I want you to come out right now. I’ll have my pilot ready with the plane. There’s no way I’m staying here like some duck at a county fair shooting gallery. No fucking way.”

“Hoyt, don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit. It’s three in the morning and all that happened is you’ve had a run in with some seafood.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781927454459
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 05/27/2013
Publisher: Champagne Books

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