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Heal My hurting Heart

Author(s): Allison Knight

Luke Adams, a Colorado rancher, doesn't trust women, but when he finds injured Gina Walker on his mountain, pleading for her life, he takes her home. At first, Gina can't remember her past, and Luke knows he has a guest he doesn't want.

When her memory returns she says nothing, afraid Luke will send her back to her murdering stepfather. She wants to reach the northwest and the safety of her aunt. When Luke compromises her and they marry, Gina still refuses to tell Luke the truth. When unaccountable incidents begin to happen around the ranch she realizes her stepfather has found her. She has to tell Luke about her past.

Will their growing love sustain them when Luke finds out the truth, or will he force her to return to St. Louis and a certain death?


Gazing up at him, she realized she'd give almost anything to stay in his arms like this. She didn't intend to move, at least not for another moment or two. Instead she stared into his handsome face. Dark hair covered his upper lip and she wondered what kissing a man with a mustache would feel like.
Somehow, her thoughts must have communicated themselves to Luke for his head dipped. There was a gleam in his eyes, eyes that were nearly black. She should draw back, tell him no, twist her head away. But she couldn't do anything of those things; she didn't want to do any of them.
The hair of his mustache brushed against her upper lip. It felt as if her mouth had been touched with the bristles of an artist's fine brush. Then, he grazed her lips twice more. Finally, his lips settled on hers and she forgot the mustache completely.
A streak of fire speared from her lips, down through her breasts to the pit of her stomach, searing as it moved through each fiber of her body. The tip of his tongue traced the seam of her lips then retreated as if begging for entry.
Denying him was not possible. Her lips parted and she let him explore her mouth. However, his taste set off an explosion of responses. Soft purring noises, sounds like a contented kitten, surrounded them and she knew they came from her.
Pleasure swirled through her. Somewhere outside of herself, his hands stroked her back, her shoulders, her nape. Finally, she pulled away, resting her head on his chest. Trying to still the thunderous feelings still roaring through her, she took several deep breaths. Never had she imagined a kiss could bring such delight. When she looked up at him, he appeared to be as stunned, as shaken as her.
She stood in his arms. I want time to stay here with Luke.

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