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Invisible Force

Author(s): Carol Costa

The ghost of Janet D’Angelo returns to the house where she was murdered intent on finding her killer and solving the mystery surrounding the tragic disappearance of her teenage daughter.  On the day of Janet’s funeral, her daughter miraculously returns and tells the terrifying story of her abduction and the amnesia that ended when she saw the newspaper account of her mother’s death. Janet soon realizes that her family is in grave danger and though her presence sometimes erupts into frightening displays of her unearthly power, she knows that she must channel her energy to untangle the web of greed and deception that led to her murder.  Finding an unlikely ally in her flamboyant daughter-in-law, Janet searches for her killer, a person determined to destroy everything and everyone Janet loves.  



As painful as it was, I forced my mind to replay Lynette’s story. She went into the parking lot alone, a man from the shadows…a needle pricking her arm. A NEEDLE PRICKING HER ARM. The similarity between Lynette’s abduction and my murder leapt out at me. Was there a connection? Could there be someone who hated me so much that first he tried to destroy that which was most dear to me, and then, when I was on the verge of putting my life back together again, sent me to my grave?

I stared into the clear water that could no longer reflect my being. I will find out who you are, I vowed. And when I do, you’ll wish you had never been born.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-897445-54-9
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 04/01/2009
Publisher: Champagne Books

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