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Mine For Keeps

Author(s): Sara Fitzgerald

This book is also available in CD and/or Paperback Formats.

Dr. Mark Jefferson is a sexy, swinging bachelor who has always been able to charm his way out of any situation…until now. Over night, he becomes a dad to an eleven-month-old baby. Mark needs all the help he can get! 

Virginia Wilde's heart was broken by a man she trusted and the last thing she wants is to get involved with another family. But with no money, and her rent due in two days, she answers Mark's ad for a nanny. This time, however, she is determined not to get emotionally attached.  

In spite of her best intentions, she falls head over heels in love--not only with the darling little boy she watches, but with his handsome dad as well. Can she trust her heart this time? Will Mark and Jacob be hers to keep?




"Hey what are you doing?" she yelled as he tackled her to the bed. "You're breaking the rules--"

 He leaned over her. "And what rules are those?"

 She found herself getting light-headed. He was wearing that cologne again--the one that screamed sex appeal, and he was smiling at her in that charming way of his. Not to mention his body on top of hers felt delicious.

 "The pillow rules."

 "The pillow rules?" he said, looking vastly amused. "And just what are the pillow rules?"

 She was finding it hard to concentrate on the subject at hand while his fingers danced in her hair, his body pressed so close to hers. Her thoughts strayed to what it would feel like to make love to such a man as him.

 What was she doing? She could not do this--she must not do this. Remember Richard, she urged herself, remember all the pain he had caused her. But somehow thoughts of Richard faded as soon as Mark smiled down at her.

 She pushed up against him. "You’re not suppose to tackle your opponent. It's against the rules."

 He laughed, looking down at her with desire in his eyes. "I suppose kissing is against the rules, too."

 She nodded, finding it hard to breathe. "Kissing is definitely against the rules!"

 "That’s too bad,” he replied, running his fingers through her hair, “because I’d sure love to kiss you right now. Should we break the rules?”

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ISBN (Print): 1897261470
ISBN (Electronic): 1897261055
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 02/01/2006
Publisher: Champagne Books

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