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On Eagle’s Wings

Author(s): Rebecca Goings

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In 1866, Shannon Phillips has hired a guide to take her to her grandfather’s cabin in Wyoming. But the guide has other appalling ideas. As he tries to rape her, she is saved just in time by a handsome Indian named Eagle’s Wing. 

But Eagle has made a grave mistake. Being a Time Tourist from the year 2166, the rules are clear: do not interact with the populace, or you risk altering the time-line permanently. And Shannon Phillips was meant to get pregnant from that rape!

Now in an effort to repair the time-line, Eagle must do something to get Shannon pregnant and fast. But there’s just the two of them on the wide open plain. Will Eagle be able to fix his mistake without losing his heart in the deal? And will Shannon be able to let go once he returns to the future?


Giving in to one of her fantasies, Shannon plunged her fingers into his hair, feeling its softness. She grabbed two handfuls and pulled his mouth back to hers as she slowly rocked against him, feeling the fire inside of her burning hotter and hotter. His hands were on her thighs, stroking her skin gently, their warmth seeming to intensify her ache.

She barely felt the rain as it began to come down steadily now. She was being completely consumed by the man in her arms.

“Eagle,” she panted as the pulsing heat rose swiftly, threatening to burn her to a crisp. “Eagle! Oh my God!” Shuddering against him, she felt the waves of ecstasy engulf her, making her pull him closer, wanting full contact with his body.

“Easy, Shannon,” he whispered to her as he nipped at her neck. “It’s all right. I’ve got you.”

Her entire body shook with pleasure as she held on to him for dear life, never knowing that the excitement shooting through her could be so wonderful.

“I want you, Eagle. Now,” she managed to say a few moments later as he stroked her body. “Can we stop?”

His answer was to grab her head in his hands and kiss her roughly, thrusting his tongue commandingly into her mouth. With that one, passionate kiss, Eagle laid his claim on Shannon’s heart. She was in love with him, there was no use denying it.

“We have already stopped,” he murmured against her lips.

“Then make love to me, Eagle’s Wing. Right here, right now. Don’t let me go!”

Without another word, he jumped off his horse and tugged her down with him, neither one of them caring about the falling rain that soon soaked them through.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 973762713
Genre: Historical
Date Published: 08/01/2005
Publisher: Champagne Books

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