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On The Silver Edge Of Time

Author(s): Ciara Gold

An eclipse yields a powerful force, an energy harnessed by those with magic in their souls. When the sun disappears behind the shadow of the Earth, a mighty wizard evokes the elements of nature. With ancient, Celtic incantations, he sends a mighty Viking jarl soaring through time to bring home his destiny.

Erik Lotharsson is sent forward in time to find the mate his people have chosen. He has no idea the journey he travels will be one of heart and soul. Nor can he imagine the trials he must face in taming a modern woman to his point of view.

Keelin Haverland has experienced dreams of a Viking lover for several years and fixates her attention on an acquaintance with a striking resemblance to her dream lover. She soon discovers her dreams are of another, of a man who claims to be from the past. The magic of an eclipse transports her to another time where modern conveniences no longer exist, and love is but a heartbeat away.


He tilted his head and took the pitcher from her hands. Here. You look ready to wilt. The hour is late, and youve had a long day. Mayhap, you should find your bed.

But Malmury She touched her cheek. As tired as she was, Malmury had succeeded in subduing her most acute feelings of rebellion. Time would be her best weapon in fighting back. All she needed was time to learn their habits and weaknesses.

Erik pulled her hand from her face. Who kissed your skin with the palm of their hand?

Keely shook her head, not wanting to invite trouble by slinging accusations.

While I appreciate your silence, Ill not have my property abused. Erik continued to study the mark, his expression fierce.

Property? God, but she hated that word. It doesnt matter.

It matters to me, min lille drage.

She clamped her mouth shut at his attempt to soothe her.

Was it Malmury?

Her gaze swept the floor, giving him the answer he sought. He lifted her chin with the tip of his finger. Malmury will answer to me. Come, Ill escort you to my chambers.

She stumbled. Your chambers?

Ja. Where else do you propose to sleep?

A glance about the room revealed a bevy of lecherous and inebriated men, all anxious for a tumble between the sheets. The few women remaining to serve drinks seemed quite amenable to the situation. Where did the other servants sleep? The ones unwilling to indulge in carnal activities?

Ill just find a corner somewhere. Others had done the same, sprawled about the floor like limp rugs.

Sank showed me the dream. His voice had dropped to a husky whisper.

Dream? Surely not the one where shed enjoyed a host of sinful delights with her Viking lover. The one shed sent Sank in a fit of insanity.

He bent his head and pressed his lips against the hollow of her neck. The dream.

Oh God, please dont kiss me. If I give in to my desires, Ill bind myself to you in ways Im not yet prepared for. Its too soon. She pulled away and shook her head, feeling the exhaustion of a full day wash over her.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-897445-95-2
Genre: Time Travel
Date Published: 08/01/2009
Publisher: Champagne Books

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