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Sex, Dead Dogs & Me

Author(s): Ed Williams

What kinda young man cheats on his steady girlfriend with another just so that he could watch Aloha From Hawaii on her large-screened color TV? What kinda young man excused himself from his date, got out of his car, and then pretended to check the tires because he'd had a bit too much chili for lunch? Or what kinda young man played golf with "nature's putter" dangling out for an entire hole because he'd lost a bet? You'll learn the answers to all these questions and more when you read Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me, a book you might not be proud of but one that you'll never quite get enough of!


So, I learned that you have to focus on more than just sex. Aren't ya'll proud of me for being so perceptive? Now, this leads to an obvious questionwould I do the same thing again if I could relive this situation? I've thought about it a lot, pondered it, and even sought the Brotherhood's advice on this issue. The answer for me is...

Sure I would! In a second! Damn, how are we to learn important lessons like the above if we don't sin and see the error of our ways? At least if you sin and learn from it you do better down the road. And how boring would life be without a little sin? It would be like watching a soap opera with only good people in itwhat a dull crock of crap that would be. So, my motto is, "Sin and learn." Given some of my past transgressions, I think I am fast becoming an Einstein.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-897261-23-1
Genre: Comedy
Date Published: 01/03/2011
Publisher: Champagne Books

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