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Shattered Destiny

Author(s): Rick Giernoth

Brian’s wife Cassidy loves adventure, Brian doesn’t.  She seeks ghost hunts, mystery quests and questions the unexplained; he wants facts, light-hearted conversation and to simply relax on their vacations.  Cass always gets her way.
What Brian doesn't realize is that accepting Cass’ new adventure will not only send his life into chaos but the entire planet’s. Reincarnation, destruction and alternate realities are only the beginning of his journey.
"I know there's something here I'm missing." I looked closely at the mirror, trying to find some sort of camera behind two-way glass, anything that would give people visions. Nothing. Sitting in front of the mirror unsure of what to do, my exploration of the mirror ended. Relaxed and satisfied that there were no projection cameras behind it or speakers under the seats, I sat back looking for what others came to see. I didn't really want any visions of my own. I questioned what the "believers" might have gone through and wondered if their subconscious' put images on this blackened mirror for them to follow, a possible way of people opening up to themselves.
I gazed at the mirror without expression. Although fiercely black, the mirror gave off a faint reflection. My eyes moved in and out of focus. My mind clouded and spun. I put my hands over my face in an effort to gain some bearing. I looked up at my reflection. An unfamiliar setting took my view. The chair I sat in, gone, and I stood in a new place, unknown but non-threatening, a simple room I had never seen before, yet I never even stood up.
I thought I may have fallen asleep. The reality and control of my thoughts told me otherwise. I recalled sitting in the chair listening to Tim chastise the experience and Cass defending it, yet I stood looking out into an abyss.
A land of fog and shimmering beams of light overcame me. I screamed into the forever. "Is this a dream? If this is a dream, it's not like any other, that's for sure. Hello." The echo came back several times. The reporter in me wanted to investigate; my soul told me I was having an experience of the Manteum. I moved forward, remaining conscious of myself.
Air wisped past my cheeks, cold mist grazed my brow; the realm appeared to have no beginning or end. I moved on into the unknown without hesitation. I swiveled back and forth trying to find reference, billowing fog eclipsed sight. Blinded by the white cloud, I flailed my arms about in an effort to gain orientation.
"What the hell is going on?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781927454091
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 05/07/2012
Publisher: Champagne Books

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