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Author(s): Jeanne Arnold

With a train ticket, a bad attitude, and an unfortunate scribbling of obscenities across her forehead, seventeen-year-old Avery Ross is tossed out of the frying pan and into the fire when she’s sent from New York to the vast oil field region of North Dakota.  When a green-eyed boy with a sultry Texan accent comes to her defense, Avery has no clue that his actions will lead her into a passion-charged summer, full of temptation and loss.
Defiant and relegated to work at her aunt’s boarding house, Avery discovers a connection between her aunt and the striking boy. He and his brothers are seeking revenge for the wrongful death of their sibling, and Avery becomes entangled in their battle over oil rights, loyalty, and love.  Avery falls for the brooding, younger brother, Gabriel Halden, against her aunt’s forewarnings and creates more tribulations than any of them could anticipate.


“What’s he doing? I mean with you? I saw,” He said and frowned. His fingers dug in my back.
“Huh?” I squinted into the sun. I wanted to ignore him like he ignored me. I knew what he saw. He was onto Caleb. But I wasn’t feeling so good.
Gabe’s breath tore out, his voice thick. “You know. He whispers to you, touches you. I see him looking all the time. He’s got no freakin’ shame.”
“So what? You ignore me!” I blurted. He held tighter and pressed himself against me as we spun around. I winced inwardly. I was getting lightheaded and clawed. “You’re crushing me.”
“I know,” said Gabe.
I pushed his arms off with all the vigor I had. He looked surprised. I had been thinking about going to my room, but I feared Caleb would follow me. I didn’t care at that point, so I took clumsy, running steps in my heels through the walkway and searched for my atrium door. My ankle was quite sore. I reluctantly slowed my pace when I got lost.
Gabe was on my tail. He caught up and his hand clasped my arm and halted me.
“Don’t,” I said, nearly crying. My head was pounding.
“C’mon Av’ry. Stop. I’m sorry. I’m a jerk,” he said. He leaned into my hair. He was so close I could feel his heart thumping at my arm. “When I saw you with him...”
I swatted at his arm. His hand slid to hold mine.
“I need to lie down,” I said as I leaned on the side wall of a building. I didn’t have a clue where I was.
“I’ll take you to my room,” he told me.
I let my lids drop. I couldn’t look or I would fall under his spell.
Gabe’s other hand held my waist and he straightened me up against the wall.
“What do you want with me?” I was sick to my stomach with wanting. I opened my eyesfor his answer.
He inclined his head and gave a thoughtful pause, all the while playing with my fingers. “I don’t know. I saw you this morning and I wanted to scream how good you looked. I don’t know how to say what I’m feeling.”
His nervous lashes fluttered. He was doing it again. I couldn’t resist.
“Just say it then.”
There was a long pause.
“Okay. Close your eyes,” he said in his drawl and blew his breath into mine.
My eyelids dropped. But they couldn’t stay closed. I needed to see.
I was so hot.
He whispered into my face again. “Okay, seriously now.” He deepened his tone. “Listen really, really carefully.” His warm lips grazed mine until my eyes closed, wanting, waiting for his touch. I trembled at the electric charge that sparked between us. After another considerable pause he said, “Dammit all, I’m falling so hard for you, Av’ry Ross.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781771550284
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 01/02/2014
Publisher: Champagne Books

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